Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Beginnings

Sue and Thao taking pictures for their blog posts.
Today I had the pleasure of attending a blog tutorial session at De Anza High School with a few members of my cohort as well as other ILCers from various programs. As soon as all the students had arrived, Don handed us out a syllabus-type packet filled with all of the things we would be discussing from blogging to photography to behavior expectations. The bulk of the time, as expected, was spent learning the technical aspects of blogging and how to correctly format a post. I have previously owned a blog, but it is necessary that all of us learn and follow the same guidelines in order to have a blog that is uniform and nice to look at. 

Next, Don gave us a short lesson on photography and explained how to import our pictures onto MediaFire, even though he couldn't show us due to the school's firewall. 
Don helping out one of the other members.
The last portion of the session was spent discussing our responsibilities from now until the time we get back from our trips in the summer. Responsibility is key in being apart of the Ivy League Connection and we all must be on top of our priorities in order to be successful. Don also told us about what we may need when we go on our trip and taught us how to use a laptop security cable in order to keep our laptops out of the hands of evil robbers.

Overall, I really enjoyed being around the other members of ILC and I can't wait for the rest of our journey!

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  1. This was a very nice blog, Carla, until I scrolled down and saw that photo is the bald headed guy. What's THAT all about?

    Sounds like I need to bring you all in again to give you a Photoshop tutorial so you can learn how to do things like add hair where appropriate.