Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our Journey Starts Here

 It struck me just then when I entered De Anza that this was the first event I took part of as an official ILC member. The gratitude towards everyone who helped me get this far swept through my mind as I stood by the door.

I am going to take Hotel Management: Tactics For Profitability course during the summer at Cornell, renowned to be the best hotel management university in the world.

This exhilarating journey comes with rules and regulations, and of course, we must obey each and every one of them. Don made use of this tutorial to enforce that all guidelines must be followed or your scholarship will be revoked. We've discussed about posting everyday from getting on the plane till getting off the plane. It made me realize that blogging is a fundamental part of becoming a responsible ILCer that shares their experiences to people of interest. We then made our first post on Don's Practice Blog. Afterwards, Don told us about the necessities required and what's reasonable and unreasonable to bring to the East Coast and back.

My favorite part of this tutorial session was when we got to "tour" De Anza and take pictures of the newly constructed building. I've never been inside De Anza before, so I was pretty excited. To be honest, I was pretty satisfied when my pictures I took came out nice. 
One of the architectural designs in De Anza High School
Overall, I've learned a lot of useful material that can really benefit me while travelling to the East Coast. One of them was tricks here and there to enhance our photos to look better, "... but it really depends on your personal preference,..." says Don.

I won't lie, I'm literally jumping up and down my bed thinking that June isn't far ahead and soon I'll be boarding a plane towards New York. This tutorial was really helpful and I anticipate the next meeting to be as inspiring as this.

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  1. From early on, Jun, we let you know that this is a scholarship with strings--that you would have to work for what you're given. It's not an entitlement nor a gift--you've earned this scholarship. Now you get to actually earn the scholarship.

    And you've gotten off to a good start, too.