Saturday, March 29, 2014

This Is the Beginning

Today we had a tutorial at De Anza High School. Although my carpool was among the last to arrive, everyone was early. As a result, no one had to meet Guantanamo Don or even Evil Don.

The tutorial went smoothly and we stayed on schedule. Although Don’s talk was heavily punctuated with warnings, threats, and anecdotes about students from past years who had flouted the rules, everyone in the classroom seemed anxious to please and unwilling to jeopardize their scholarships.

The ILCers behaved much better than the weather did this morning. 

We learned all about blog content, presentation, and images. Don stressed that we are representatives of our high schools, the school district, and the Ivy League Connection, and that our blogs are read in dozens of countries around the world. I hope my posts will live up to the program’s expectations.

After we spent time creating posts on Don’s Practice Blog, the talk turned to the more mundane: laptop locks, laundry, travel, and packing. I learned to my dismay that one of my predecessors at Cornell had a dorm pillow crawling with all sorts of nasty things, so I’ll be sure to pack a pillow shield. In fact, I may pack two.

Laundry and pillow worries aside, I am excited to be starting my ILC journey. It’s nice to be treated as a capable adult (until, Don warns me in my head, it is necessary to be treated as a child), and I look forward to upcoming events. 

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  1. You make it sound like it was all threats but I'm betting that less than half was threats. And I love the photo--it makes it look like De Anza isn;t the perfect new school after all. It rains even on De Anza HS.