Thursday, May 1, 2014

Extreme Pizza with our Extreme Cohort

"Not So Sweet" iced tea
This blog post title is pretty cheesy (punny, right?), since today the Cornell cohort got together at Extreme Pizza in Hercules to get to know one another, and our chaperone Mr. ChanLaw. At 6:00 we all gathered at the pizza place and after a few minutes of awkward conversation, we began to order. Being a Plain Jane, I ordered a plain cheese pizza and a bottle of peach iced tea to go with it. While the cheese pizza was delicious and gooey, the iced tea was less than desirable due to its watered-down taste.

During our dinner, the seven of us discussed what Cornell would be like. Mr. ChanLaw told us all about what the food is like, how dorm life is and some of the different activities we could do. While I wasn't so excited about the lack of air conditioning in the dorms, I was pleased to hear that there is a study room nearby that has a nice big air conditioning system in it.

Our yummy food! Sandwiches, salads and pizza. 
We then talked about what we were going to do before actually arriving to Ithaca. Four days before getting to Cornell, we are most likely going to stop in Saint Louis, Missouri to check out different universities and sightsee. After 2 days, we are going to fly to Chicago to do the same, perhaps visit Chicago University or Northwestern. From there we will go to Ithaca and start classes that Monday.

During this meeting I had a lot of fun being able to hang out with the rest of my cohort and Mr. ChanLaw who are all really cool. At the end of our meeting, we all gathered for a group picture and upon arriving home I realized that the quality of iPhone front cameras are not very good (step it up Apple!). But overall I had enjoyed spending time with my cohort and I can already tell we are going to have a great summer at Cornell!
Group picture sans Katelyn 

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  1. Let’s see--you go to EXTREME Pizza and then have a slice of plain cheese pizza? Tell me, at least, that it wasn’t American cheese. Have you no imagination, Carla?

    I looked at some of the photos from the other Cornellian blogs and it looks like someone went to the green waste bin and grabbed big handfuls of lawn clippings to sprinkle on their slices. At least it wasn’t plain cheese.