Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Never Before Experience

Today was an experience I've never encountered before. I got to participate at the School Board meeting alongside my cohort members tonight. It was very serious towards the beginning but later on laughter came about when chaperones gave their speeches about previous years trips.

ILC alumni Tamilyn Chen got accepted to Harvard University this coming fall, so she came up and spoke about her experience as an ILCer last summer and how much ILC has impacted the way she thought about out-of-state universities. As I listened to Tamilyn's speech, I realized that she just started the same as us, nervous newbies going off to the east coast being treated as an adult. The point she made about being treated not as a kid, but as an adult gave me further confidence that admissions officers from selected universities I will be seeing this summer will see the professional side of me as a potential applicant, and not just some random high schooler.  There was another alumn that spoke before Tamilyn, but I forgot his name (very sorry!) because his voice was too soft at the beginning. He mentioned that having this opportunity as an ILCer will lead you to some amazing discoveries and choices you might've not known. I am again, sorry for not being able to credit your speech properly but it was surely astounding to hear.

This year, seven cohorts will be attending rigorous programs at six high-end institutions. While the two ILC alumni wrapped up their speeches, the new groups of ILCers followed and started giving introductions. Cornell cohort was fourth to go up to present ourselves to the School Board Committee. I was first to be introduced by Mr.Chan-Law, and boy, I was shaking and occasionally thinking, "Is there something stuck on the back of my shirt?" But of course, I intently listened to Sue Mani's, our Freedom and Justice participant, speech. She expressed what I would've thought at that moment and I'm very honored to be represented by Sue this evening. 

As the clock ticks to 8PM, Don waited for every group to present and then he carried out how to take the massive picture of all the ILCers, School Board members, and sponsers. Believe me, Don was trying to make every inch flawless. 
We wrapped up the event and started heading home at 8:30PM. It was such a memorable moment being there representing Ivy League Connection! 

Next week will be our official Cornell dinner and boy, am I excited!

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