Thursday, May 1, 2014

Time for Pizza!

Not wanting to be late, I left San Pablo around 5:30 PM to make time for my mom to drive me there and find the place. Turns out I was the first to arrive...and last to leave.

By 6:10 PM everyone was present and thus the introductions started. Our chaperone, Mr. Chan-Law introduced himself first, and slowly everyone got to know each other (well...names). I got to meet Subhiksha, Kevin, and Natalie for the first time. They’re going to attend the Freedom and Justice program at Cornell while the rest attend Hotel Management.

Mr. Chan-Law kept the conversation moving, trying his best to not make the meeting awkward. He talked briefly about the travel dates and lodging accommodations during the first week of the trip while we waited hungrily for the food to come. 

Natalie's saucy salad came first, and by the time everybody's share came, we took a break from talking and started discussing about AP classes and SAT tests. I couldn't share my stories about crazy, wild, hardcore AP classes since my school doesn't offer a single AP class. While Carla and Subhiksha were talking about AP Literature, there goes Katelyn and Natalie talking about AP Language, and I'm just there munching on my Hawaiian Pineapple Indee Pizza.

During the meeting, Mr. Chan-Law talked about our itinerary. We would first be stopping at St. Louis in Missouri to visit Washington University, then advancing towards Chicago to explore the campus of either UChicago or Northwestern. Because there aren't any direct flights to Ithaca, we will most likely transfer from Philadelphia. Mr. Chan-Law also added some sneak-peek information we didn't get from Don's tutorial. He was telling us the dorm rooms arrangement are lottery based, so when we go check in, that's when our fate of hoping to get a better dorm lies. I'm definitely going to cross my fingers when I approach the service counter.

Near 7:15 PM, everyone was either finished with their pizzas or simply just too full. Before leaving, we just had to take a mega-selfie:
Katelyn left just before we snapped this selfie
I had a fun time hanging out with my cohort members and getting to know Mr. Chan-Law. Looking forward to the next meet-up!

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  1. Sounds like you all a pretty fun time. I’m envious. Good food and fun times with new friends--sounds pretty good to me.