Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Presenting the 2014 ILC Cohorts to WCCUSD

Although I've gone to school in the West Contra Costa Unified School District for the last 12 years, I have never attended a school board meeting. At least up until tonight. 

One aspect of being in the Ivy League Connection is one's commitment to communicating one's experience to his or her community. The ILC expects students to express their thoughts through events like tonight's. At the beginning of the meeting, we heard the testimonials of 2 ILC alums who were accepted to Ivy League schools--the "real deal". They shared their ILC experience and gave advice to us, newbies. Later a representative from each cohort spoke out and shared our own experiences thus far and how we expect to relay all that we are to learn from the ILC to our peers. For my cohort, the Cornell cohort, Sue was our representative. I commend her for eloquently conveying our thoughts, emotions and gratitude to the school board. I really don't think I could have... 
Listening to Sue speak to the School Board
The school board meeting was not only a way to voice our feelings, it was also a way to introduce us to our community and to those who were actually sending us to the East Coast! I swelled with pride standing alongside my fellow cohorts, holding the Cornell flag. I kept my composure though, since we were on TV and all. 

So after hearing from all the cohorts, all the benefactors of the ILC were introduced. I was honestly overwhelmed with gratitude towards all of those who are providing me this opportunity. It is a special feeling knowing someone cares enough about your future to help you reach your college dreams by sending you across the country. I'll save my emotions for our dinner next Wednesday though, when I can thank the sponsors personally. 

We had to take a group picture with all of the ILCers and our parents after our introductions. All I can say is that it was hot and there were a lot of us. But it turned out very nicely, so it was worth it. 
Successful group photo (I got to pose with my mom)
All in all, I enjoyed being with my cohort once again, as well as with all the other cohorts. The time is soon approaching for us to board the plane headed for Missouri, Chicago and finally New York. Just as one representative said tonight, I wish we could leave tomorrow, but as you know school awaits... 

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