Thursday, May 1, 2014

Meeting, Greeting & Eating

Today the Cornell cohort came together for the Chaperone Meet and Greet. Our chaperone, Mr. Chan-Law, generously treated us all to dinner at Extreme Pizza. When we first arrived we all seemed a little awkward--except for Mr. Chan-Law, who was very enthusiastic. However, by the time we finished up our meals and our discussions, we were much more comfortable with each other. It was the first of what I'd like to call "Cornellian bonding".

Big thank you to Mr. ChanLaw for
buying me this delicious pizza
Mr. Chan-Law began breaking down our entire ILC itinerary. He told us that we will be leaving, though not for sure, on June 16th, five days before our official classes start. On those days we will travel to two different cities: St. Louis, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois. There, we will take college tours, go sightseeing and, best of all, stay in fancy hotels. Although none of this information is set in stone, it is all very exciting.

Even more exciting to me, however, is the prospect of visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame as a previous cohort did two years ago. An avid baseball fan, getting to see all the memorabilia there would be the icing on the cake of an already amazing summer. I may have to do some convincing though, so we shall see how that goes...

Mr. Chan-Law had a lot of insight on what we should expect this summer (dorms with no air-conditioning, weekend trips, rigorous courses and the opportunity to meet students just like us from around the world). All in all, I enjoyed hanging out with my fellow ILCers and our awesome chaperone.

I just remembered that I forgot to ask about renting bikes during our trip...I guess I'll have to wait until our next "Cornellian bonding". I can't wait!

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  1. Dang but that’s a pretty nice looking slice of pizza. I’m not the least but hungry but it makes me want to snatch it off of the computer monitor and chow down.

    Cornellian bonding--sound like something off of the Sy-Fy Channel.