Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Day with Katelyn

It felt really good to wake up without having to worry about class today. I woke up at 9:30, which is still pretty early for me, but I felt satisfied with the amount of sleep I got. After getting out of bed, I took a shower and then met Katelyn and Kevin in the basement to do some laundry. When we got there, all of the laundry machines were filled, save one, so we all just washed a bit of dark clothes.

When our clothes were finished, Katelyn and I ate a bit then went outside to tan. While tanning, Katelyn practiced her presentation and I spent my leisurely time listening to music. It got a bit too hot to be outside so we went back inside and picked up our clothes, which were dry by then. I hung out in my room a bit and thought about what I would write in my essay for class so I could be prepared to write about it tomorrow.

Before I knew it, it was dinnertime so Katelyn and I met up yet again to eat dinner. We got to watch the last part of the Uruguay vs. Colombia game, and Colombia won. Today they were serving pork chops and rice at the RPCC, which were both very delicious. I also discovered that there is an icebox with ice cream so I'll have to try that sometime.

The view from the RPCC
Following dinner, Katelyn and I decided we would check out the Highlighter Party hosted by the RCAs here at Summer College. It was pretty cool and we got to write on each other with highlighters, but it was very crowded and hot so we left a little early. When we got back, Katelyn and I watched some shows on Netflix then went to check-in. Now it's time for bed!

The clocktower lit up.

Ithaca at sunset.

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