Sunday, June 29, 2014

Eating Rice One Grain at a Time? Don't Do It!

As Katelyn probably mentioned in her blog, I too have problems sleeping in. It's as if I was born with an in built alarm; I just can't sleep in. And when I tell other teenagers this, they look at me as if I have some major problem. Sleeping in just isn't my cup of tea. 
Why do I do this to myself?!
After all that rambling, you could probably tell that I was awake quite early again. Since I spent all of yesterday planning out my entire essay, today was the day to write. I started at about 8:30 and went all the way to 2:00 as I tried to craft the essay one sentence at a time. Probably a bad idea and today I have learnt my lesson. Imagine eating a bowl of rice one grain at a time -- not the wisest decision to make. Anyhow, I finally finished the essay and honestly, I was satisfied with how it came out for a first draft. I still have tons of work to do on it regarding structure and logic, but now all I have to worry about is tweaking the essay rather than composing a totally different one. Hard work never fails! But the rather downside to this was that I was so focused on writing my essay that I didn't keep track of time. By the time I looked at the little clock on the right hand corner of my computer, it was already 1:55, meaning that lunch would end in another 5 minutes. :( Hence, I had to work with BelVita breakfast biscuits and Kashi cereal that I had bought at Target a couple days ago. Not the best lunch, but it did keep me full until dinner. Advice to some of you: if you're working, don't forget to eat. It's possible to forget, but you need it to keep you running. 

After my improper lunch, I headed to TA Vijay's office hours where we discussed my essay just for a bit since we'll be going over the essay in complete detail during tomorrow's writing workshop. Anyhow, TA Vijay gave me some great tips regarding my thesis, structure, and citations. 

This week will be quite hectic as I have a Preliminary Exam fast approaching on Wednesday. Wish me luck and before I go to bed, I've got to read John Locke's ideologies. Good night or good morning, depending on when and where you're reading this from.  :) 

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