Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to Carla!

The birthday girl with the best
ice cream cake ever
So yes, today is Carla's birthday. Although, I didn't see her much before 6 o'clock, Mr. Chan-Law bought her cake, which we shared in RPCC at dinner. Thanks Mr. Chan-Law for buying the delicious cake and Carla for being...born!

My day was extremely hectic before then. I did what is to be my daily morning routine and arrived early to class to save seats for my group with Yueyuan. We started with a brief introduction to computing, its concepts and the value in knowing how to properly compute. We then went through a rigorous--well, only to me it seemed--hands-on computing  lecture in the computer lab. It was hard for me to keep up. I was getting discouraged that everyone has some type of experience beneficial to the course. One girl is in a business club and actually competes. Others work in their parents' hotel or already know the career they want to pursue. Anyway, we had to eat lunch with our group, so my group did. We also formulated our Group Norms memo that were due after Office Hours.

My group and I working during Office Hours in the "Bin" Lab
(from left to right) Yueyuan, Dani and Sabrina
When we returned to class, Reneta had a much more interesting lecture on the hotel industry. For example, I learned which companies own hotels, which manage them and which franchises. We also learned details like where each company's revenue comes from. These concepts were far less complicating to me than computing and I easily comprehended the lecture. 

There was a thunderstorm today! Four minutes after
I returned from jogging!
During Office Hours, my group completed our memo and then I explored Microsoft Word 2013, which was one of our assignments. I have a quiz tomorrow on the functionality of Word and I am also starting the CHESS program--messing around with it, at least. I am getting more and more nervous as the class goes on, but I really need to focus on myself and my goals rather than on others. So wish me good luck!

By the way, this blog is short because I have tons of things to read and also to study for, like the quiz I mentioned earlier. Between eating, sleeping, attending a 9-hour class, studying and going on a short 30-minute jog, I am overwhelmed. But I will quickly learn how to manage my time, so I'll have better content. Good news, though, I took more pictures today!

Room 396 in Statler Hall AKA my classroom

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