Friday, June 27, 2014

An Action-Packed Day Indeed

Pretty much the normal routine again today. Wake up. Get ready. Walk to RPCC (dining commons) for breakfast. However, my roommate and I both got to walk to breakfast together. Usually, she would leave by the time I wake up since her class starts at 8:30 while mine is at 9. But today, we got to walk together since her class started at 9 as well.

After having breakfast (cereal and juice), off I went to class. Yesterday's discussion of Plato continued today as well, and I certainly enjoyed it. I still can't believe Plato thought about his ideal society centuries ago when most people couldn't even read or write. 

Once the discussion about Plato's allegory of "the cave" ended, I rejoiced over the fact that week one out of three at Cornell was over! I still have two more weeks left and even though I'm sad for how fast time is flying, I'm also happy for successfully finishing one week of college. However it is important to note that this week is probably the easiest week there is. As time progress, it will get harder, but I'm definitely ready for a challenge. In fact, I already have a rough draft for an essay due on Monday. Yikes!

I found these so cute! It was at a candy store in the Ithaca mall.
After eating our quite normal lunch at the Trillium, Carla and I decided to get some shopping done at the nearby Ithaca Mall. It was my first time riding a bus without the too much assistance. When we entered the mall, we were rather shocked. It's called a mall, but has very few shoppers. In fact, it was rather empty to say the least. To view the positive side of things, this emptiness was nice at the same time. With few people surrounding us, it was easier to navigate through shops and there was less commotion to manage. Anyways, we got some of our shopping done and got back to our dorms in time to meet up with Mr. Chan-Law to get our Cornell sweatshirts.

This has to be one of the most difficult decisions I've made.
When the Ivy League Connection mentions  that they pay for every penny, they seriously mean it. Other than buying souvenirs for family and friends, everything is covered by the Ivy League Connection. In fact, one of the many things Ivy League Connection does that we are incredibly grateful for is that ILC buys a Cornell sweatshirt for all students in the cohort. So today was the day when we all assembled at the Cornell Store to get our sweatshirts. After the usual shopping dilemmas, (picking one sweatshirt after narrowing the options to two) we finally got our very own Cornell sweatshirts. So for this and everything else that the ILC does for us a big thank you to the sponsors and ILC coordinators. I wouldn't be at Ithaca having one of the most amazing experiences in my lifetime if not for you. Once again, a huge thanks for the sweatshirt and everything else that you've done for us. 
Definitely loving this picture with our Cornell gear!
Inside of the movie theater
Soon enough it was time for the movies. We had gathered at the theater to watch Transformers: Age of Extinction. It was a nice movie partially because I generally love science-fiction, but the movie simply was too long. Many unnecessary action sequences could've been deleted to prevent the movie from dragging on longer than needed. Also, too many plot twists made the audience quite confused during many parts as the movie contained a little of everything: comedy, action, special effects, and unnecessary twists on the scientific concept of extinction.
Frozen yogurt at the movies! Yum.
As much as I like to call myself independent and courageous, I still don't like walking in the dark by myself when there are only a handful of people roaming around. For this fact, Natalie and Jun were sweet enough to walk me back to my dorm and then go back to theirs. So if they're reading this, thanks so much! That was incredibly nice of you two.

Tomorrow will be another fantastic adventure so make sure you check out my blog tomorrow to be updated!

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