Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kickoff For Tomorrow's Hotel Course

While yesterday was for check-ins and orientations, today was for knowing the Cornell campus. What was designed for us to recognize the campus is a Scavenger Hunt. All dorms were divided by floors to go group hunting. What was ironic though, is that there's aren't really anything to hunt for. 

I woke up by my alarm at 9:00AM, which was way more pleasing than the regular 6:45AM lineup. I agreed with Natalie yesterday night that we should execute the operation of laundering our filthy clothes in the morning. We met in the laundry room at ten and started our first laundry experience.
Cornell provided a clean laundry setting for us.
I studied how get the washer cranking just before heading off to bed, so there was no problem in activating the machine. Once the washing was done, we proceeded to the dryer. I thought by pressing delicates, the clothes would come out hot and clean without losing the color. I realized forty-five minutes later that a load with jeans shouldn't be "delicately" dryed, but "permanently pressed". Now my clothes are wrinkly and moist. First time doing laundry with results like this isn't all that unacceptable. Now that I've learned about the settings, hopefully next time I will come out of the laundry room with a hot n' clean load of clothes.

Our RCA's required all third floor residents to meet up at the Unit Two study lounge at 12:20PM, forty minutes before scavenger hunt's initial starting time. Anna, our RCA, led us out of North Balch into the courtyard.
View from the Balch Courtyard.
We then began our "hunt" with enthusiastic minds. In the midst of the scorching afternoon, all residential hall members were moving from one building to another. Games were played during the intermission. I wasn't much of a runner, so I got caught during the first round of Giants, Wizards, and Dwarfs. After walking for three hours, our Residential Community Advisor (RCA) finally decided it was time to head on back to our dorms. It was well realized by summer Cornellians this was more of a building hunt rather than a typical scavenger hunt, but it was well enjoyed by most. All of our residential hall members were greatly exhausted after walking for so long and I, in particular was dying in the heat because I had forgotten to put on sunscreen before heading out. I came back into the dorm room feeling ecstatic.

Our cohort decided to meet at RPCC for dinner at 5:00PM. My exploration of Balch Hall resulted in me getting lost. All hallways were mazes and I circulated one of the units at least five times. By the time I read my phone, it was 5:30PM. Hence resulted in me power walking and almost tripping over a microwave. I still don't understand why someone would rent a microwave and put it outside unattended. With that being said, I still got my servings of food for tonight successfully.
Concluded with the decision of eating healthy for tonight.
 Tomorrow marks the first day of class. Thoughts are running across my mind as I type this blog: Are we going to have a pop quiz tomorrow? What will we talk about? When are we going to start our CHESS project? While it'll be difficult and exhausting, I presuppose in three weeks of time, it will undeniably be gratifying and enjoyable.

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