Saturday, June 28, 2014

I'm Sorry that I Lied!

Ok. I'm sorry. So I guess I lied when I said tomorrow will be an adventure on yesterday's blog. I'm guilty for lying because today was anything but an adventure. Well, that is unless you consider staring at the wall in front of your desk quite adventurous.

From all of the walking that I did yesterday, today just had to be a rest day for me. Thinking that I would be able to sleep in, I went to bed last night on a happy note. To my surprise, I found myself bright and awake by 7:15, my usual alarm timing. I am definitely an early bird; I can't sleep in even if I wanted to. :(  I still woke up with a smile on my face as I strongly believe that mornings are the times to be productive. I will turn to history to support my claim. (I've been learning in class that there must be support behind any argument.) So here I go. Before the light bulb was invented by the ingenious Thomas Alva Edison, the sunrise signaled the start of a day and the sunset signaled the day's end. Therefore, people would start working in the field at dawn and would go back home by sunset and go to bed by the time light was gone. This has been human tradition for so long and getting work done in the mornings has been proven to be more effective than staying up late nights. Only recently has mankind's invention of the light bulb been created to improve efficiency. So, I was also kind of glad that my body accustomed itself to a specific timing as I could get work done.

As mentioned before, my day was pretty much spent in my dorm. I went outside to eat for lunch and dinner, but otherwise I sat at my desk outlining an essay on Plato. I was also able to tidy up my room a bit. Quite an accomplishment indeed. 
It was so beautiful today!
On my way for lunch.
Hopefully tomorrow may be more fun, but I believe the only fun I'll be having tomorrow is writing this essay for which a rough draft is due on Monday. So I guess I'll just have to go "write" back to work once I wake up tomorrow as well.

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