Thursday, June 26, 2014

Men are like Cats

Today was much less uneventful than yesterday. I woke at 6:30 AM, went to breakfast, got to class around 7:40 AM and began preparing for the day. 

Class started with a video about a comedian, who compared men to cats (hence the title), not like that has anything to do with hotel management, but just because it was funny. 

The fun didn't last for long though. We soon got to work. Group B to the Bin lab and Group A stay in room 396. In the lab, Mark gave us an extensive hands-on lecture on PowerPoint. Honestly, it was pretty fun, playing around with design and all. We did that until lunch. I ordered a vegetable burger and I was disappointed, but that's not important. 

When we returned to class, the USA vs. Germany was on and suddenly Mark made the announcement that we could have an extra two hours. We would compensate for lost time by skipping breaks and staying later. My group was proactive and worked on our presentation. Two hours later, we went to room 396 afterwards, where we learned about business writing for our memo that's due tomorrow. Then we learned about working as a team and our team dynamics. It was kind of cheesy, but I guess it was helpful. 
Basically my view every night

Anyway, I can't write too much because I have this super important memo due tomorrow that is worth 10% of my grade... So wish me luck. 

I did get to jog tonight, so I decided to share with you Cornell at night.

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