Saturday, June 21, 2014

My First Taste of Cornell... Literally!

My course & my new Cornell binder
Apparently, I'm excited to get started on my adventure here at Cornell since I woke up before my alarm even went off. I met my new friend, Katie, who I mentioned in yesterday's blog, at 9:00 AM to check-in in the lounge. We received our keys (one for our dorm and one for our mail), our Cornell IDs and some papers including the day's itinerary and a map. They offered complimentary drawstring bags and lanyards so I helped myself to both. (I put my key on my lanyard. Boy, do I feel like a true college student with keys to my own dorm.)  After that Katie and I met up with Carla and we did some exploring to find the rest of my cohort. We all congregated outside of North Balch Hall and  walked back together to Robert Purcell Community Center where we will eat breakfast and dinner from now on. I only ate a little bit because I wasn't very hungry. Then my cohort met with Mr. Chan-Law and we went to Target.We had to buy some toiletries and other goodies. I bought a pillow, a towel, shampoo/conditioner, soap, some snacks and other random things. It came to a total of $30. I thought I overspent until Jun told me how much she spent. Let's just leave it at that. Mr. Chan-Law dropped us off at our dorm afterwards and immediately after that we had to walk to the Cornell Store to pick up our Hotel Management textbooks. It was quite a long walk, but it wasn't as far as our class, which is located approximately 20 minutes away from my room. I received my textbook, which was more like a ream of paper so I bought a binder. 
Our convocation at Bailey Hall
At 2 o'clock we met at Bailey Hall for our convocation ceremony. Basically the Summer College administration addressed parents and also emphasized how dangerous the gorges are. Then we proceeded to Statler Hall where all the other students in my program were meeting. We had a brief introduction by our professors. They are husband and wife and they seem fairly nice, but I can tell they're strict, which isn't a bad thing. 

The ice cream social venue
Around 4:00 PM I headed back to my dorm. I then stayed in my room for about an hour until it was time to go to RPCC (Robert Purcell Community Center) for dinner. I ate random food, ranging from chow mein to banana bread. After I came back from dinner, I finally met my roommate. She came in with 3 of her friends because she was giving them a room tour. In my room I went to working on my detailed room description.
Deliciousness in a bowl

The ice cream social was held at 7:30 PM in an open grassy area near Balch Hall. There were lots of people there so it was confusing, but it was worth the confusion. I decided to leave the event early because I wanted to shower while everyone was out. (I really don't like the whole shower situation.) So after my shower I returned to my room and continued to work on my room descriptions. At 9:30 PM we had our first floor meeting. Our RCAs went over the house rules and other safety information. My roommate and I are now hanging out in our room. She's watching Netflix while I'm blogging and Facetiming. We may seem like we aren't talking, but she's very sweet and I'm pretty lucky to have a nice roommate. I have to check in downstairs in the lounge at midnight then I will sleep! I'll be back tomorrow as usual! 

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