Friday, June 27, 2014

'Twas a Bad Day

Not that it was an entirely bad day, there were some enjoyable parts, but all I can say is TGIF. Class started at 9 today. When we came in Mark spent an entire hour reiterating the expectations for the group presentations on Monday. After that we were free to manage our time as we pleased until 3:30 PM.

Delicious healthy meal at Trillium
I worked on my CHESS memo until about an hour before lunch. I submitted it after I printed about four copies. Then I began gathering information for our group presentation. Around 11:30, my group and I headed to Trillium for lunch, where I decided to eat healthy. It was the best thing I've ate there so far. My group and I then went back to the lab where we finished our PowerPoint template and outline for our presentation. We spent the rest of class/Office Hours working on our content and such.

I must say, I'm very happy about my group. There's a great dynamic amongst us that allows us to work efficiently. Plus, we are all very proactive and are almost complete with our presentation. Unfortunately, I had to leave them right at 3:30 PM because I was supposed to meet Mr. Chan-Law and the rest of my cohort to go pick out our sweatshirts at the Cornell Store. Below is all of us in our great  sweatshirts as provided by the Ivy League Connection, which I could not thank more for offering me so much in addition to attending Cornell!
Thank you, ILC, for the awesome apparel!
Frozen yogurt & a movie
While I was at the Cornell Store I decided to pick up some souvenirs, which was a daunting task considering the size of the store and its selection. I have to go again before I leave. There was just too much stuff... I planned earlier on going swimming since Summer College students have free access to the pool, so after shopping, Natalie, Jun and I went to lap swim. It was really cool because the Cornell water polo team plays there and it is always fun swimming in new pools. A shower and one yummy dinner later, my cohort, Mr. Chan-Law, and I met at the movie theater in the Ithaca Mall. It is honestly a sorry excuse for a mall, but the theater is quite nice. We watched Transformers. It was action-packed and had really great effects, but it was ridiculously long. I got back to my dorm, ready to do a little bit of work, when I couldn't find my flash drive. I panicked. I checked my backpack inside and out. I eventually gave up and went to midnight check-in. Luckily, I ran into my group member, Dani, who told me she had my flash drive and everything was okay again. I did lose my water bottle today though... Anyway, I had a rough day, so it's time for me to hit the hay!

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