Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tanning, Dancing & Jogging all in a Day's Work

Tanning under the hot sun
Today I slept in. Well, until 9:00 AM anyway. I went to sleep at 3 o'clock so I still need to rest. I laid in bed until 11 o'clock before going down to the basement to do laundry with Carla and Kevin. Unfortunately, all of the washing machines were taken except for one, so we only did one load (I still have my white clothes left).

After we started washing, Carla and I went to eat lunch and then we went tanning... sort of. We went to the middle of a grassy quad and relaxed under the sun. It got incredibly hot though and eventually we decided to go back to our rooms. Back in my room, I worked on my group presentation and tried to take short naps, but that didn't work. So I decided to workout. After I was soaking in sweat, I cleaned up, and by then it was time for dinner. I ate some delicious watermelon and soft-serve ice cream. Carla and I also discovered there is an icebox in RPCC full of Cornell ice cream! I'll have to try tomorrow.

My free shirt with signatures from Katie, Alli & Carla
Around 7:00 PM, we decided to check out the highlighter party, the RCAs were putting on. It was pretty cool because we got free t-shirts and highlighters. Katie, Alli, Carla and I signed each other's shirts and our writings were illuminated under the black light. They also handed out glow sticks, which people broke so that their shirts also glowed. It was fun, but it was hot and I knew I couldn't get back to late. We left early and as soon as I got back I went for a jog. My shoes are worn out and my feet hurt terribly afterwards.
I got back around 10 o'clock, showered then met up with Carla. We watched Netflix and checked in right on time. Now I'm back in my room, half-awake going over my presentation. I better rest up. I have to be at the lab by 10:30 AM tomorrow!
9:10 PM in Ithaca, NY

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