Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's "Ithacating"!

"Ithacating" is what Mark, my professor, called the weather today. It sprinkled throughout the day, but it never got cold...

This morning my roommate had to wake me up. I woke up about 7 minutes after my alarm, so she started poking me. I felt bad because she doesn't have to wake up as early as I do. I'll have to work on that. I got ready, ate breakfast and decided to get to class early to save my group a seat (around 7:30 AM). I was secretly racing this one girl and I "won". I claimed row two!  Anyway, right at 8:30 AM we had our computing quiz. It was around 10 short-answer questions. I feel pretty confident, but I don't know what to expect. 

After that we watched a clip of Undercover Boss (an episode I watched with my parents before) and an episode of Hotel Impossible. Hotel Impossible was about The Penguin Hotel and it was actually really helpful in understanding some of the concepts we've been learning. 

We got a short break after that fun stuff and then we dived into formatting with Mark. Today's agenda consisted of learning how to create our own memo templates. And finally after what seemed like an eternity it was time for lunch. I don't care for lunch at the Trillium, a restaurant, but I feel obligated to eat so I can think properly and stay awake. Today, I ordered a vegetarian wrap, which was sort of misleading because it was actually a giant burrito with vegetables instead of like a sandwich wrap. Yada-yada-yada. Anyways, it exploded-not literally, of course, but this is how it turned out:
How my memo turned out
After my disaster of a lunch, we went back to the classroom where we had an exciting and entertaining presentations on presentations. We have a group presentation due Monday and we were learning the "tricks of the trade", so to speak. I'm both nervous and excited for my group's presentation because it seems like a fun assignment and moreover intimidating. We should be fine... Now we just have to start. That was that for class time. 

All of my two Office Hours were spent creating my memo template. It turned out really nice. I just hope I have everything correct since Mark is very specific about his assignments. Leaving class, I felt like I accomplished something today so I went and ate a "lovely" dinner at RPCC alone. (I'm surrounded by 80 people all day. I need some "me" time.) 
I returned to my dorm and downloaded Microsoft Office 2013 (at last!!!) and began working on random assignments. Now I am going to shower while everyone is out "speedmeeting". Until next time!

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