Thursday, June 26, 2014

Templates Are Tempting

My usual morning routine carried out and by 7:15AM I was heading out to RPCC to grab some breakfast. As much as I love buffets, my mouth is starting to say no. Now I realize why people praise dorm food during the first week and neglect it from then on. I don't think I'll be ever sick of the food provided by RPCC since we will only be able to eat here for two more weeks. I'll enjoy every minute of the blandness while I'm here.

Today's lecture left me knowing how to use some of the many impressive features PowerPoint provide its users. I can guarantee that if I polish both my Word and PowerPoint skills, my high school essay career will progress much more smoother. I cannot stress this anymore but everyday you walk into this class, you're predetermined to learn something new. And as Mark and Reneta said at the beginning of class; while you and your roommate both pay the same tuition, we, the Hotelies are getting more out of it than their two hour long class. If I were to hear this on the first day, I would not lie that I would disagree, but now we're almost through with the first week and I sure agree. Knowledge comes in a package, you can't just single the thing you don't like and expect to gain the same things. For this situation, my 8:30AM-6PM class versus my roommate's 12PM-2PM class.

My usual hour long lunch at Trillium was delicious today mainly because of the chicken ranch wrap that restored my energy. It's texture of the wrap was just right and bacon was added into the wrap to make it more meaty. It was a shame that I only had fifteen minutes to enjoy the wrap. It would've been better if my professors told us previously that they would be broadcasting the World Cup.
The very moment when USA misses the goal. Mark starts lecturing about it and my peers just standing there dumbfounded.
With seventy people screaming inside the lecture hall, classes could only be resumed after the game which was two. Since I couldn't extend my food time, I decided to work on my CHESS individual memo in the Binenkorb Lab. I think I've never found word templates as interesting until today. I created a legit template that's on par in terms of the classic memo templates provided by Word. 

Next Monday my group will be presenting Interstate Hotels and Resorts financial information, history, stocks, and much more. You might have guessed already; yep, this weekend of mine will be consisting of constant group meetings which we will be perfecting our presentations and making our PowerPoint the bomb by working together as a team. Not to mention that teamwork might be the number one aspect on which we will be graded upon. Stay tuned for annoying fusses on my blogs this weekend.

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