Sunday, June 29, 2014

End of Weekend One...Darn

Olin Library.
To begin with, I've haven't slept in for more than 7 hours than as of today. I went to sleep around 12:30 AM and then awoke at 7ish AM and then fell asleep, only to re-awake at 10:30 AM. Upon realization of the time, I got up showered, changed, brushed my teeth, etc. and went to "breakfast" around 12:00 PM. I went with Jun and Natalie and decided to have a salad (because I ate a lot of domino's pizza the night before) and went light on the junk food. 

Afterwards I went back to my dorm and began the Locke readings. The thing was, it was so HOT at this time that the two fans in my dorm didn't really stop me from sweating. I could only muster so many pages that I had to get back to it in the afternoon when it was much cooler. Later on Natalie and I met up at the Olin Library to work on our Platonic essays. The essay seems very simple at first with a basic question with what was Plato's stance on democracy. Then one has to compose a strictly coherent explanation of why Plato says this and how it lead to that, etc. I managed to pull together a rough draft at the library and found all my quotes later in the day. 

Sports camp is going on as well apart from Summer College.
Now its time for a new segment: disappointing story of the day. While Natalie was creating her essay on a chair next to a coffee place (she brought her laptop), I went to go look for the nearest open computer. I went on the computer and apparently I had to log in. My NetID and Cornell passwords wouldn't let me go threw and after rebooting the computers like the person at the desk told me--there was no success. Then she said she was going to find the solution to it, but it came with no avail for she said that only the tech assistant (who wasn't there) knew how to do it and 20+ minutes was wasted. I was kindly directed to other computers where I began my essay. 

Starting the intro was fairly easy, but I had to read through all my notes and some passages in order to structure my essay so that took around 30 minutes. After that, I went to talk to Natalie about citation rules and we happened to see our TA Vijay at the coffee place looking rather lonely and she told me that it would be a good idea to ask him about it. My one question turned into an entire conversation about many things of the class as he explained to me that he didn't want a list of reasons for Plato's disliking of democracy, rather a well-structured coherent essay. He also told me how all of Socrates's thoughts and words had been manipulated by Plato and that there was a good chance that none of them actually ever came together and even had the conversation. We also talked about the history channel and how they only show reality TV shows like swamp, pawn and truck driver shows.
My late night snacks.

The talk with Vijay was actually very helpful for getting a grasp of what to write on my essay, I'm glad I came there with a question. Fast-forward to a little past 6:00 PM and Natalie and I headed back to our dorms and just about everyone in our cohort congregated to dinner at 6:30 PM. I'm not quite sure why again, but I basically had a hunger attack and chowed down on every fatty food there was and finished it off with chocolate ice-cream and peach pie. I was planning to go jogging again but finishing the Locke readings and finding the quotes to my essay got in the way. While finding quotes I got hungry and went to Bear Necessities for yogurt and sour patch kids. 

Today was relatively subtle if anything and I'm just glad that I'm ready for tomorrow. Perhaps I might even go for a morning jog, we'll see.

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