Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I woke up to my alarm ringing loudly next to my ear this morning. It was a loud chirping noise that escalated its volume each time it chirped. Since it rang a total of three times, eventually in the process it also woke my roommate from her peaceful sleep. There was a hint of guilt lingering inside my conscious mind the whole morning about waking up my roommate, but think about it, she didn't need to be awake until noon. That left my conscious mind less accountable for my alarm's actions as I walked to class. 

Before today's morning lecture, our group received bad news. One member from our group has dropped out from the class. Peter had family matters/personal issues he had to take care of, so I guess it was unavoidable. Now that our Word 2013 Expert Peter Park has dropped out, our Group 3A will stand strong as a three person crew. 

We were playing CHESS in lab and I got so mesmerized by the game that I was probably the last one to head out for lunch. CHESS is a simulated 250 room hotel that lets you take control of the management within. I came into CHESS as a noob but managed to have an income of $10,000+. This practice was based on a three week basis, each day consisting of five minutes. Because lunch got in the way of me finishing my practice CHESS hotel, I had to wait until lab hours to finish. Reaching an income of 10K during my three weeks of running my hotel was a little surprising since most of my peers whom had prior knowledge of managing a hotel had reached 9K, but not the 10K mark.

When the professor spoke about presentation skills, he first introduced it by presenting one himself. Mr. McCarthy used a two decade old Powerpoint. Everything seemed right to us students and here the professor is saying, "Some thing is wrong with you.". All the hoax that we were receiving from our high school teacher completely vanished as we saw the commonly known Powerpoint errors. I'm very glad that I'm learning something so important and useful in everyday life.

My evenings continue to be of the same schedule except the location has changed. Once again I stationed myself on the bottom floor of North Balch, the quiety Unit One Study Lounge. Here's a picture of the study hall. Notice the atmosphere is relaxing and calming, just the right mood for people yearning for a quiet place to study.
This photo was actually taken at 9PM, believe it or not!

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