Saturday, June 28, 2014

Slow Saturday

Today I awoke only an hour later than usual, despite today's weekend status, to meet Jun downstairs at 8:30 and do laundry. Once our machines were running we went up to breakfast, where I had a banana, bad French toast, and coffee. After eating, we transferred our clothing to dryers, then sat down to catch up on our written correspondence. Today was my first opportunity to finally write the postcards I've been buying, which numbered ten in all. Still, I was done writing by the time the dryer was done. A few minutes later Jun and I met Sue outside North Balch and went to lunch, where we were soon joined by Kevin. I ate my bean salad, along with a few bites of whole wheat pasta with Alfredo sauce and a small piece of pumpkin pie. Then, after a quick stop at Bear Necessities to replenish my stock of shampoo, conditioner, and late-night snacking material, I headed back to my room for an afternoon composed of various odds-and-ends activities.

We ate dinner at seven. My slice of cheese pizza was passable, but the root beer float that followed was much better (I went rogue and filled a plastic drinking glass with soft-serve vanilla ice cream, then added root beer). Today I ate very badly. I'll have to do better tomorrow, but it's hard to eat well when it's served in the style of an all-you-can-eat buffet.

After dinner, I returned to my room again to reread our Locke homework and blog. I look forward to being able to sleep early and wake late, since although I'll have to spend a few hours writing an essay I don't have any other plans.

This is undoubtedly the shortest blog post I've posted. That just goes to show that our days here are finally settling into a routine in which new content and photos are in short supply.

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  1. You don't seem very taken with the food at Cornell. There is a famous restaurant in Ithaca called The Moosewood. It is at 215 N. Cayuga St. Not within walking distance from your dorm, but maybe your leader would like to take some of you. It features mainly vegeterian dishes, although I saw Salmon as a menu item for this evening. The dinners run around $20. To go to Ithaca and not eat at this restaurant would be a shame. Valerie