Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sunny Skies, Finally

The sky finally cleared up today! Although I appreciate rain and the fact that it replenishes the Earth and its creatures, I don't appreciate having to walk through the rain. Luckily, we only had to deal with it for a few days and hopefully it won't come back for a while. 

I woke up this morning feeling great.... until I checked my phone. Sue reminded all of us that our SAT scores had been released today and my stomach immediately fell. It was my first time taking it but I was terrified of the score I would get, but I knew I had to check. When I went to see, my emotions immediately did a complete 180 degree flip, since I found out I had done a lot better than I thought I would. That kept my mood pretty happy all day.

After adding up SAT scores, I went to get coffee and Sue and I walked to class together while Kevin and Natalie went ahead of us, since they're faster walkers. We talked about college and school and life in general (not really) and before I knew it we had arrived to class. Instead of taking my usual seat at the front of the class, I decided to be different today and sit in the back. It wasn't all that different, honestly, except for the people who sat there.

Today Professor Kramnick lectured us about Plato and the Republic and all the lovely subjects that the book covers. I actually enjoyed reading The Republic, Plato's thought processes are intriguing. Following lecture, we met with Vijay to have a discussion about the book. It was quite a neutral discussion since most people pretty much understood what Plato wrote about.

Discussion ended at noon, then it was time for us to eat lunch. Today a girl named Kayleigh sat with us and she is really nice! I've known her since we first got here but today she told us more about herself and she is just a very charismatic and sweet girl. I'm glad I got to talk to her a bit more.

When lunch ended, a guest speaker came to talk to us. His name is Ray Schlather and he is an attorney from Ithaca. He spoke to us about three different cases, but the one that I loved the most was the last one. There is a girl named Epiphany Kearney who is from Ithaca and as a 7th grader, she and her friends would ride the bus to school everyday, and everyday there was a group of white boys that would taunt her. These boys taunted and ridiculed her everyday and threatened to shoot her with a gun they had at home. One day she finally stood up for herself and she was banned from the bus. Her mom complained countless time and she finally had to hire Ray as an attorney. The case had many ups and downs, but in the end, Epiphany received compensation for what had been done to her.

I really appreciated what Ray had to say about this case and how he shared his love for the constitution. I would've stayed to chat with him, but shortly after class I had to leave to the RPCC to type up my essay. When my essay was finished, I came back to my dorm and have been hanging out and reading more of The Republic. I apologize for the lack of pictures, it has been slipping from my mind, but I'll get back to it. Now it's time to sleep, tomorrow's Friday! 
The RPCC computer lab.

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