Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Wow. It feels as if I just walked out of El Cerrito High School notifying my parents that I’ve been selected to attend Cornell. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be on my way to St. Louis, Missouri -- our first stop in this four week adventure. As cliche as it sounds, time does fly. And within a couple hours, I’ll be flying too, yet on a plane. Soon, I’ll also be able to spread out my wings and be able to realize that a whole sky waits in front of me. Yes, I have been on a plane multiple times before -- whether to see family across the world or across the country-- but for the first time, I’ll be on the plane by myself, independent and without the reliance of my parents. Before, my only responsibility in an airport was to walk through the security check with a carry-on alongside me. Now, I will be the one to ensure everything is in check while traveling.  

My dad helping me with packing.

Ever since the countdown had began, my parents and I had been scrambling from home to store getting everything that I needed for this much awaited trip. After all the toothpaste, clothes, cords, and school supplies were gathered, the packing concluded smoothly on Saturday night. Almost considered the most-professional packer I’ve come across, my super hero dad came to the rescue and ensured every item was packed with efficiency. To avoid the disease that goes around during travel season (procrastination), we packed my baggage well in advance to ensure everything works out just as planned.
All set to go!

Coincidentally, today also happens to be Father’s Day. A big thank you to all the fathers for being the biggest support and for guiding their kids through thick and thin. Since the packing was completed smoothly a whole day in advance, I thought it would be nice to thank my parents through two dishes. One happens to be Manicotti and the other was Pound Cake with Lemon Curd and Strawberry Sauce. It was a fantastic way to sit down with my parents before taking a new step in life.
In total, I would say I’m excited yet a tad bit nervous. Everything will be new, but also welcoming. Be it St. Louis, Chicago, or Ithaca, I’m looking forward each and every experience that awaits me.This will be the first step I’m taking as an independent adult and I can’t wait see what the future beholds. Until then, stay tuned because starting tomorrow I’ll be in a new location informing you about my adventures from day 1 until the very end.
I'll be missing my room, but it's nice to take time away at times. 

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