Saturday, June 28, 2014

Plato Progress and Learning Laundry

It's not as good as it appears.
Sleeping in never felt so good after literal non-stop work. Waking up somewhere around 10:00 AM I mustered enough strength to go do some laundry with Carla and Katelyn. Although before that, my funny/scary story of the day occurred. As soon as I woke up, I heard a buzzing sound in my room. I put on my glasses and found a wasp hovering around my dorm like it was patrolling its territory. I freaked out because it hid itself behind the highest portion of the blinds and I went to the hallway in order to find my RCA Solomon--to help me kill it. It turns out, the wasp left through some hole around the blinds and now I have to live in fear no matter what. Getting back to laundry, this time around we all had a lot more laundry and I ended up washing and drying about 4 articles of clothing due to insufficient space. In other words I had to learn how to do my own laundry this time hard could that be? Well not very, as I would eventually realize. 

During the time my first set of clothes was being washed I took the liberty to go eat "breakfast" with Sue, Natalie and Jun. It was technically lunch, but breakfast to me and I don't why--but lately I've been eating much more pizza than usual. It's not that it's amazing, because its really not (I work at a pizzeria so I would know), but I should stop before I start gaining major weight. 

I know how to use this now.
Later on in the day I was reminded by the mound in the corner of my room that I had to do laundry. I set to it--not knowing what exactly what I was doing. I brought my two bags of laundry to the basement where I loaded them into two empty washing machines (early in the morning they all had been taken up) and then set to unraveling the mystery of how to use a Cornell ID card for laundry services. Well, long story short--a foreign student from the sixth floor told me how to set up a laundry account with my Cornell NetID and how to use my card on the scanner. If it wasn't for him then I would have text someone in my cohort for very specific instructions--luckily avoided. My room feels much fresher now that my side is all clean, now my roommate should consider doing his laundry as well. 
My building: Mary Donlon.
Right after, I took a long nap as a reward for learning such a simple concept. When I woke up, I began reviewing my Plato notes in preparation for my essay and I got really hungry out of nowhere. I decided to get some grub at Bear Necessities (convenience store/grill) and ordered a fried chicken sandwich and fries. I was looking forward to a promising meal considering the price and small proportion of the food. It turns out I could've went to just about any other place and bought food that would easily be better. The chicken sandwich itself was alright but slightly undercooked in the middle and the fries were nearly of the same quality as the cafeteria's. This is the last time I purchase hot food there. Later on, I decided to go jogging right before dinner and took the same path as I did last time. The only difference about this time was that it was much hotter, but it definitely wasn't as difficult as last time.
Places of where I jog, except I was taking a stroll in the evening when I took these pictures.
I went to dinner and didn't feel that hungry and ate up on salad and a slice of veggie pizza. At the table we decided that we would all work on our essays tomorrow at the library but we weren't sure at what time, so organizing something after 10:30 AM  seems like the best idea for tomorrow. A thing to note was that the entire school at about this time was empty. This is because there was a highlighter themed party going on at College Town where just about the majority of the student population was at. My neighbor came back from it and said the party atmosphere was great, except that it was too crowded and humid (since it was in the basement of a building). He was also sporting his shirt that was full of highlighter drawings...and as well as glow stick fluid, which I heard was being thrown around the room.

I think I might order some pizza from Domino's and then do some pushups and curl-ups prior to the food arriving. Other than that, I'm back to work on Plato.

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