Monday, June 23, 2014

Teamed With Personality

I woke up today at 6:45AM from my well rested sleep energized. I was up and ready by 7:20AM where I agreed to walk with Emma (a girl who also takes hotel management) to RPCC to have breakfast. We met up with Katelyn during breakfast and we all decided to walk to the Statler Auditorium together. The walk was around fifteen minutes, so leaving RPCC at 7:55AM was ideal. Upon arriving at the Statler Auditorium, I saw a large group of people waiting on the first floor. At first I thought we were late, but I checked my phone and it wasn't eight-thirty yet. I neglected my anxiousness and reached the third floor hoping the door was still wide open. Turns out I was early to class and the downstairs people were graduates of some sort. 

Once I heard Reneta's lecture on limited service versus full service hotels, I knew this course will require some serious concentration. Not that I didn't know this course was difficult, I just didn't imagine the complex hotel brands were to pop up on the first day of class. I guess this would be considered normal as to all the prosperous students having prior knowledge before taking this class. Not to say all, but most of my peers in the class have parents owning businesses in China, Korea, Italy, Canada, etc. Needless to say, I was bewildered to which even Sheraton seems unfamiliar. All this time I was thinking that Four Points by Sheraton equips the same customer service as to a regular Sheraton. Turns out that Sheraton was previously independently owned and therefore each Sheraton operates differently. After Starwood purchased Sheraton, they began renaming the bad quality Sheraton's as Four Points by Sheraton. This renaming process was to differentiate the bad and good Sheratons. I was amused by all the facts we learned today about hotels. Where else can you learn about Four Seasons being a management, not franchise company?

After the three hour long lecture, we had an one hour break for lunch at Trillium Dining Hall.
The map was used to find Kennedy Hall (Trillium Dining Hall is inside Kennedy).
It's way closer to the Statler Auditorium than RPCC. I was relieved to see my cohort there as well mainly because I feel connected with them. We all talked about our first part of class. Natalie exclaims that Professor Kramnick is such an awesome teacher. 

After learning about ADR, Occupancy, and RevPAR, we were then put to groups of four. It was primarily based on our behavioral types. My groupmates are Peter, Patrick, Lily, and me. Patrick and I were both Analyzer-Stabilizer so I thought that was pretty cool. Analyzer-Stabilizer are people who tend to get more work done in a peaceful and secluded environment. I feel like Peter would be a great asset to our group since he's a Persuader-Persuader. We ended the lecture on hotel classifications at 3:30PM. Everyone was dying to get some fresh air. There are required lab hours from four to six and nobody in my group wanted to rest, so it was then decided to just go straight to the computer lab and work on our assignments. We finished all our assignments during the study hall except for group norms which we will do tomorrow. Mark let us out half past five, and he explicitly said this is the only day of which you will get to leave early. Our group took the chance and left to fill our hungry stomach. It was still two hours of working inside the lab for our group, so I think we deserve to leave early. 

At 6:30PM, our cohort met up with Mr. Chan-Law and just telling him about our first day of class. Freedom and Justice now sounds so interesting to me. But nevertheless, hotel operations management is just as awesome. Now I have to study for my pop quiz tomorrow at eighty-thirty sharp!
Messy desk compiling of readings and notes.

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