Friday, June 27, 2014

Yay Sweatshirts, Boo Movie

One week down, two to go. It's hard to believe. Today as a Friday meant a shortened schedule so that we had only lecture and discussion, and were done by noon. In class we learned about a couple of Plato's most famous analogies and discussed what they meant to his philosophy and how they related to each other. It was the most hard-to-follow lecture so far, but not impossible. I find it difficult to process ideas when they're presented as a nonstop stream of hypothetical situations and academic language.

When we were dismissed, Vijay recommended various places for lunch. However, eventually hunger beat good taste, and the F&J headed to the nearby Trillium once again. I tried a grilled cheese with a bag of popcorn on the side, and found it decent if unremarkable.

After lunch, Sue and Carla went to Target and Kevin and I went back to our rooms. The entire Cornell cohort came back to the bookstore for our 3:30 appointment with Mr. Chan-Law to buy our sweatshirts. Although I'd come a half-hour early knowing that I'd take forever to decide, I was still struggled to pick one. Most of the good-looking options had wrists that were much too tight, all of the unisex options were much to big in the shoulders and arms, and most of the female options were too short or strange-looking. In the end I decided on a charcoal gray quarter-zip, which I found to be the best one for me after trying on at least eight others.

Once each of us had picked our sweatshirts and Mr. Chan-Law had made the purchase, he had us put them on and pose outside for a photo.

If this photo seems a little forced, just remember that it's almost July in Ithaca and were were forced to wear sweatshirts. 
After the photo we arranged our dinner and movie plans for the night, and then moved off in our separate directions. Katelyn, Jun, and I went to look at the pool, ran back to our dorms to change, and went swimming for a bit. However, the pool was grimy and full, and when our lane reached five or six people we decided to get out. I ran back to North Balch, took a fast shower, changed into movie-going clothing, and went to dinner. My bean salad is fast becoming a staple, as is the strawberry frozen yogurt.

After dinner we went with Mr. Chan-Law to see the new Transformers movie. Most of what I remember is a mash-up of the various overdone action scenes. The entire cohort was in agreement that the movie was much too long, and since it lacked a cohesive plot and was rather anti-feminist, I don't think I'll be seeing it again anytime soon.

We arrived back on campus at about eleven. Since tomorrow is Saturday, I'll likely sleep in a bit before I start my laundry and homework. Yay sleep, boo homework.

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