Saturday, June 21, 2014

One Word To Express My First Day At Cornell: Wow!

There's been some serious struggle into falling back to sleep at 4:30AM in the morning. All was good when I hopped onto my bed at 3AM. After fifteen minutes of snuggling and turning under my covers, I heard small water droplet sounds coming from the communal bathroom. The disturbance of that sound soared through the empty hallways and my ears picked it up right away. I then had to put on my earplugs just to get some proper sleep.

Within fifteen minutes prior 8:45AM, I was ready to go. I met with Natalie and Sue during the morning to explore the morning quietness of the campus.
A peaceful morning at Cornell
It was partially for finding our way to Robert Purcell Community Center (where we will be dining for the next three weeks) and taking a morning stroll around such a beautiful campus. We found a rabbit with his companion just relaxing in the midst of the grass.
Mr.Bunny's comapanion
Mr. Bunny

When our mini-sightseeing came to an end, we gathered around with the rest of the cohort to go and have lunch at RPCC. Our cohort did a blast of meeting new people, one of them being Ashley. She's an authentic American, but lived in Germany all her life. Her father is in the military so she goes to a military school. Ashley was so excited to be staying in the states for the first time. After the mingling and eating, Mr. Chan-Law said that today's the day to go to Target and get your necessities. We met with Mr. Chan-Law at around 11:30AM and off we went to Target. It was a quick ten minute drive to the Ithaca shopping spree so I could hear everyone frantically typing on their smartphones making a list of what to buy. I believe by the time we all finished paying, I was the one with the most stuff. Because of my idiotic brain, I forgot to bring a pair of walking shoes (I know right), so the amount I spent were way off the charts compared to how much others had spent. Once the Target bags are shoved into the trunk, Mr. Chan-Law drove us all back to RPCC and everyone walked back to their designated rooms in hope of seeing a good roomate. Natalie and I reached the steps of North Balch Hall within five minutes, and when I got to my room, there was a housewarming welcome for my roommate. Her name is Imari Johnson. She's actually a native to New York, just residing an hour away from Ithaca. The self introductions were made and awkward pauses followed. Everything came to a halt when everyone dispersed to the Bailey Hall where the director of Cornell Summer College, Jim Schechter and notable professors gave respective speeches. 

All was well with the schedule and Katelyn and I walked to the Statler Auditorium for the orientation for Hotel Operations Management: Tactics for Profitibility. Reneta and Mark McCarthy introduced the class as an intruging yet rigorous class. "It will definitely be rewarding three weeks from now when looking back to today." says Mrs. McCarthy. I totally agree and with that said, I do not regret choosing such a stringent course at Cornell. After two hours of orientation, I headed back to my dorm and got my toiletries in place so allocation can be made easier. A quarter after 7:15PM was the start of the social gathering: Ice Cream Party. It's just located outside my dorm, Balch Courtyard so I went downstairs at around 7:30PM. Ice cream was the main priority as I was walking down, but immediately I instinctively introduced myself to other Summer College Cornellians. I've met people from New York to Italy to Korea. I knew that showering was so going to happen tonight, therefore I decided to leave the Ice Cream Party at 8:30PM and go showering with uncrammed shower stalls. 

A mandatory meeting for our floor happened at 9:30PM and we did an icebreaker to get to know everyone in the floor. I said, "My name is Jun and I like to watch tennis." We didn't have that big of a circle but someone managed to say "She's Jun and she plays T.V." This is like another version of telephone except you get to talk loud. Anna, our Residential Community Advisor advocated the House Rules for Cornell and wrapped up the meeting with a nice group photo. I walked back to my room with a tired expression spreading across my face. I thank the RCA's for making tomorrow's mandatory meetings starting at 1:00PM. This means that eight hours of sleeping is available. I look forward to tomorrow's scavenger hunt planned.

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