Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ready For Presenting

Disclaimer: " For all future ILCers, bring your water bottle everywhere...EVERYWHERE".

Dehydration is the last thing you would want to experience in Ithaca. Whether you're inside a building or not, you should always have water by your side. Today I've experienced this tragedy.

So, as you might have known, today was the day of which I've forgotten to bring my water bottle and thus resulted in me drinking the whole water fountain's supply. Waking up at ten, I realized that today might be the only day to sleep in, so might as well take advantage of it. I skipped breakfast and went straight to RPCC for lunch with Natalie and Kevin. Natalie, as usual, took her ice cream servings into a whole new level. We're astonished everytime to see Natalie walking back to our table with her ice cream. After eating yucky chow mein, I headed back to my dorm first to get ready for our office hours happening today from three to six. Last night our group decided to meet thirty minutes before, so that leaves me having to start walking to Statler Auditorium at two. We thought this would give us enough time into editing our PowerPoint.

As the clock ticked to four, my group headed down to the hallway to get ready for our scheduled presentation rehearsal. Five minutes went by, the group that started at four still occupied the conference room. Twenty minutes went by; they were still inside! Finally at five, my group went inside and thus we delivered our practiced presentation to Melody, one of the TAs. Upon finishing, I was saddened to hear that she was only satisfied with our last slide. Hearing that, I was horrified to hear what else she had to say. Melody explained that we were overusing SmartArt and should use accordingly, or "smartly". Additionally, simplifications should be made to our PowerPoint. Another word out to future ILCers; listen to all the things the TA says, they help you a LOT! Because of our SmartArt and overly scripted issues, our group stayed in the lab fixing and editing to our dictionary of perfection, until eight.
Binenkorb Computer Lab C: A nice working environment
I know that today will not be the latest of which we leave. I also know our dedication and effort put into this presentation will be shown tomorrow. Tomorrow, here I come!

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