Friday, June 27, 2014

Highlight of the Day: Transformers 4

Today is Friday. Which means Hotelies get out of class at 3:30PM. Which also means that our discussed movie plans with Mr. Chan-Law is happening today. I've never been euphoric about waking up. Subtracting the withholding pressure of my upcoming presentation, I think today was the most relaxed day of this week.

Starting off my first Friday at Cornell at seven in morning, I got up to fantasize my afternoon. Normally, the F&J group comes into the dining hall after Katelyn and I finishes devouring our breakfast. Our cohort was unusually present during breakfast. I ate a full-on American breakfast: sausages, eggs, and pancakes. I needed these calories to get through today's intensive schedule. Once class started, the lecture lasted about one hour and the rest of the day was kindly given to us to work on our memos and presentation templates. At ten, Mark released us from the lecture hall and thus we all occupied ourselves with a space inside the computer labs. For the first hour of sitting on the sqwiggling chairs, temptation of rocking back and forth aroused as I edited and put some finishing touches on my memo. When delivering my memo to Mark, he gave me a few suggestions on making the overall paper enticing. I kept those points in mind for our group memo next week since this one classifies as a draft. Our group assembled once again at twelve-thirty sharp  to work on our presentation templates and layouts. Since each hotel is being presented by two teams, we checked up on Group 3B's progress, the main reason being are possible collisions of similar styles. Fortunately, our themes were totally different and both teams were reassured. Mark gave an ok to our template and immediately our butts escalated from the chair to the street. 

Mr. Chan-Law previously told us that Friday would be sweatshirt shopping day. With everyone browsing through every section of the store, we've finally came to a solution of what to pick and Mr. Chan-Law gladly "bought" it for us (really its the ILC, but Mr. Chan-Law acts as a representative). When he was paying for all six of our sweatshirts, some of my hotel classmates were wondering why we were wearing our sweatshirts in the scorching sunlight shining right onto our faces as we took the group Cornell sweatshirt photo.
From left to right: Natalie, Kevin, Sue, Carla, Katelyn, and myself.
Natalie, Katelyn, and I went swimming shortly afterwards because the swimming pool was free for summer college students from five to six-thirty. Katelyn was petrified when I told her the truth about me. I can't swim. She thought I was going to drown and...yeah. Luckily, I managed to survive and learned some wacky paddles to keep me breathing in the 12FT area. Swimming requires a ton of energy, especially from an unsporty person like me. Dinner at RPCC really helped restore my body and at seven, we all went to the Regal Cinema to see Transformers: Age of Extinction. I've never seen a movie on its released date so today was a never before experience. 
A small theater just right for Ithaca
Transformers: Age of Extinction was probably the longest movie I've ever watched. It was approximately three hours with an additional thirty minutes of previews. I personally thought the movie itself was awesome. I guess that didn't apply to others. During our trip back to our dorms, some were discussing about how some of the scenes were unnecessary and others were too confusing. I was disagreeing with them until the point they persuaded me into looking at the movie from their perspective. Personally, action-packed movies are just the thing for me, so Transformers: Age of Extinction was just the perfect movie for a Friday evening. 

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