Monday, June 2, 2014

Icing on the Cake

I can’t believe it’s June already! That just means that the greatest things are starting to happen. I’m getting closer and closer to taking a footstep outside Hercules in hopes of being an excellent WCCUSD ambassador. But before that, how can I forget ILC’s annual event: the orientation.
Don conversing with the chaperones before the meeting.
As I walked into Pinole Middle School’s rather beautiful campus, I was surprised at the wind that made my hair into a tangled mess and the chillness that made my fingers numb. It was basically autumn during summer over here for the folks in the Bay Area. Nonetheless, Don brought in the summer atmosphere quite well with his bright aloha shirt, khaki shorts, and sandals.

The venue with suitcases to bring in the traveling mood.
Don and Ms. Kronenberg went over the specific guidelines; the ones that would help us make the most out of our college experience. 
Don started off with a trick question: “How many of the ILC members are high schoolers?” Really, Don? First, if you wanted to be part of this prestigious program the first requirement was that you had to be either a sophomore or junior in high school. I raised my hand nervously sensing danger as the question seemed way too good to be true. It was just too simple. And yes. I sensed it correctly. I had totally forgot. In the ILC we were not teenagers, needless to say that we were high schoolers. We were adults. The responsible, mature kinds of adults.
Soon afterwards, Ms. Kronenberg introduced the ILCers and parents to “Tour Guide” Don and claimed this Don to be the best out of all the Dons we had come across - Good Don, Evil Don, and Guantanamo Don. Now, Evil Don and Guantanamo Don aren’t the ones you should be proud to be friends with.
Parents filling out paper work
as a cohort.
We then split into our cohorts around the auditorium and discussed our detailed itineraries. As we went through it, I was barely able to keep up the pace. St. Louis, University of Chicago, Drake Hotel, fancy dinners, Northwestern, Ithaca, Target -- the list and possibilities are endless. Yes, it will be tiring, but I know that everything will be worth it towards the end.

Out of everything in the meeting, I was rather shocked at the amount of preparation and dedication the ILC coordinators put into carrying out this program. Getting the paperwork done to arranging such events. Wow. This requires loads of dedication, hard-work, and perseverance and the ILC has got it all. These are three qualities that the ILC has embedded into their students.  I can’t even imagine the countless hours Don goes through just to ensure everything flows smoothly. I wouldn’t even blame him for saying he works 35 hours in a day.

As ILCers, we watch ILC coordinators like Don, Ms. Kronenberg, and Mr. Ramsey give only the best to their community and the future of the young ones. And because of such a positive influence, ILCers like myself are inspired to do the same.

Before concluding, Don introduced us to the table of handy things we may need ranging from
Handy items Don offered to loan us.
USB fans to point and shoot cameras. Don and Ms. Kronenberg reassured us that we’re going back east on a study trip. Our main priority is to learn, expand our knowledge, and come back to spread this newly-acquired knowledge. Having fun can be the icing on the cake, but we cannot forget the cake itself. As I head back east this summer to Cornell, I will be the adult who puts learning as priority and fun as an added bonus. This way my cake would contain the perfect balance; It’ll be not too sweet yet not too savory either.

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