Monday, June 30, 2014

Unpredictable Monday

Alarm clocks aren't dependable and it was proven by a classmate of mines today. Luckily, her presentation was scheduled in the afternoon so her group's presentation didn't suffer from her tardiness. But she was three hours late to a college class. I'm not sure what kind of consequence she ended herself in but I think it's not too harsh since she was in a good mood before and after presenting.

Today I woke up at 6:45AM to find myself rushing to RPCC to grab some breakfast. I still needed to get dressed for our presentation today so my breakfast concluded in ten minutes. I was ready to go at 7:55AM with butterflies in my stomach. Once everyone got situated, presentations began a little bit after Mark's jokes. I think the joke is primarily to subside our nervousness. Mark can tell who's nervous; he's taught this class for for many years. Furthermore, he wants us to understand that by doing this presentation, we are gaining something out of it and not just for the sake of our grade. Group 1A started off this long day with an excellent presentation. It's only natural to stutter when presenting first. I admired and loved their presentation; both their flaws and strengths. My group, 3A, was fifth in line so that gave us time to watch a series of presentations, and also a short ten minute break before our presentation. I used that time to calm the butterflies raging inside my stomach. 
A group using break time to practice. Can you see the intense atmosphere near the front? 
Our rehearsal yesterday was a complete failure and many changes were made last night. Today, our hard work was displayed. Interstate Hotels and Resorts is a leading global independent management company. It was hard to address a pure management company to investors, so we decided to direct our audience towards newly hired employees. Lily started our presentation with confidence. She dragged our nervous peers' attention back to our presentation with her persuasive tone. Patrick discussed Interstate's history on a level that connects to our employees in a family-like way. I was in charge of closing our "orientation" to the new employees by welcoming them to the Interstate family. I believe our group was the few that didn't direct our presentation to investors. Not that presenting to investors wasn't good; it was a really common standpoint. Our group was also one of the few that didn't get suspiciously questioned by Reneta and Mark after our presentation. I guess we can look at it in two ways: In a positive perspective, we had our information correctly displayed; On the other hand, our presentation was simply too boring. It will be stressful for the next few days before finding out what category we fitted into. 

After all twenty groups got their chance to show off what we've accomplished, my notebook was full of sloppy notes of just too many hotel brands. Our whole class took a photo commemorating the first week after. Since formal clothing was worn, the photo turned out to be very professional looking; I guess that's why Mark said, "No no, you can't're gonna stay in that suit and look pretty all day...yup". 

There were scheduled office hours today from 4-6PM, but our kind professors let us, the sweaty monsters, go home. Boy was I glad that we were released at four, because I can finally take this armor off. Yes, I call any formal clothing, "armor". 

We were assigned two readings and a scheduled quiz for tomorrow, so I decided to make use of my time before the scheduled meet up with Mr. Chan-Law at 6:30PM to study. Turns out I had forgotten my notebook inside the classroom. My lovely teammate, Lily, sent me photos of her notes right after receiving my text that contained "save me"! I now know why  having a team is so important. Thank you, Mark and Reneta for stressing that!

Now that today's over, I shall do my homework and get ready for the quiz tomorrow! 

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