Sunday, June 15, 2014

Efficiently Eating

First of all, Happy Father's Day! Second of I really going to St. Louis tomorrow?

I've woken up today by my anime theme song alarm at 9AM and was scrubbing my eyes real hard trying to focus. Don has called. I was still in my PJs when Don pulled over to my driveway. Shopping from Don's car trunk was definitely a thing I've never done at 11AM in the morning. Borrowing an Ethernet Cable, Point-n-shoot camera, Laptop security cable, and a Gorillapod from Don's Loaner items. Now, stuffing the extra bulk of items in my already packed luggage (already 35lbs)  is hefty work when you're half awake
Point-n-shoot test shot
While packing and confirming all the things I'll need back east, it was already noontime and my dad suddenly had the urge to go to IKEA for some marinated salmon, and off we went. By the time we finished our scrumptious Father's Day brunch, we went to showrooms and browsed through the available ceiling lamps. Our house was desperately in need of a ceiling mount for our living room. After seeing countless styles of mounts, my parents finally resorted to an adorable looking lamp that has shapes of bubbles. I never knew cutesy themes were my dad's "thing". I guess buying it on Father's Day does change his perspective on things. 

We had a BBQ party planned later this afternoon at my cousin's house which meant eat-all-you-want buffet for me. And thus, we rushed home to get the seasoned chicken wings and foil-wrapped yams to bring to our eating destination, a food packed backyard. 
I bbq'ed the chicken wings. It looks nice n juicy~
Too bad I have to leave early and get some sleep before tomorrow's mandatory meeting time at 2:50AM or else I'll be finishing all the food here at the party. Whether its sashimi or teriyaki, man it's all going down inside my belly. 

Tomorrow is the official starting date of my adventure to the east coast. I can't wait to put all my amazing experiences down into this blog, can you?

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  1. You are an anime fan? We should talk about anime some time! One more thing, what theme song were you waking up to?