Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WashU, I'm coming for you!

College information packet
I was right. Natalie and I had planned to go to the gym this morning at 6:45 AM, but that didn't happen. I set my alarm 3 times. Unfortunately, I think I mistakenly turned the volume down last night so I didn't hear them go off. I eventually woke up at 8:04 AM when we were to meet at 8:15 AM to go to the complimentary breakfast service. Luckily, I am organized. My clothes were laid out and my usual morning-routine products were in order on the sink. I managed to slip out of my door with a minute to spare. Sue and Natalie walked out almost simultaneously so we went to the lobby together. Kevin, Jun and Mr. Chan-Law were already there.

Everyone getting breakfast was in business attire--I believe for a dentistry conference--and there I was in my shorts and tennis shoes. One hotel worker asked if I was even staying at the hotel. Anyways, breakfast was standard: eggs, sausages, etc. 

At 9:30 AM we began walking to the admissions office. We are already staying on campus (Washington University in St. Louis) so it wasn't far away.When we got there we received a bunch of pamphlets and were then escorted to a room where we had an information session. At the end, I was actually interested in applying to the university.

A photo exemplary of how beautiful
the campus truly is
Our guide showing us the largest
classrooms at WashU

Next was the campus tour. For an hour and a half our tour guide, Grace, a rising senior with a double major in Architecture and Art History, led us through the campus from one end to the other. I learned that WashU, as students call it, has dorms ranked #1 in the country. We got to explore one that was furnished as though someone lived there. Also, I found out the 1904 Olympics were held on the campus, as well as the World's Fair. Because of the tour, I am honestly considering applying here. I need to do some further research, but the campus is stunning, it has a great atmosphere and it seems like an overall exquisite university.

WashU food
We eventually walked back to one of the dining halls and used our $8 guest food card for lunch. We went back to the hotel and decided to split up. Mr. Chan-Law, Sue, Carla, Jun and Kevin were going to visit the zoo in Forest Park while Natalie and I chose to stay at the hotel and finally go to the gym. It was nice because it was practically a private facility. After working up a sweat, we returned to our rooms.
Charles F. Knight Conference Center's gym
Back in my room, I got some much needed relaxation. I knew I would need it for the hectic rest of the week. But time went by quickly and before I knew it, it was time to head out to Tony's for dinner. We took 2 cabs and arrived slightly later than our special guests. I was seated next to a sweet woman named Danielle, an admissions officer, who hates shopping and had a cat named Tiger Kitty. She was a 2010 WashU graduate.
My view at Tony's
There were also 2 WashU students who graced us with their presence: Akhil, a rising senior, and Ellie, a rising junior. I was surprised to find out they were from California. Akhil is from Fremont and Ellie is from Berkeley. It was awe-inspiring, in that it further peaked my interest in attending WashU. While conversing with Danielle, I learned how she didn't declare a major until the second semester of her sophomore year. She went on to become a math teacher before becoming an admissions officer (focused on incoming applications from Chicago) and she is moving to Chicago next month to become a college adviser. After much insightful conversation and an eternity, so it seemed, our food arrived. Everything was delicious. My salmon (as shown below) had the perfect amount of seasoning. My vegetables were equally flavorful. However, I bit into one vegetable foreign to me and let's just say I left the rest of those on my plate...
My entree (salmon)

Chocolate with chocolate
torte & banana ice cream

All the while, we chatted. Akhil, who majors in Biomedical and minors in Computer Science, was very funny and very fond of food. Speaking of food, each one of our guests swore by the WashU food and how great it is. Another plus for the university. Ellie was like a role model to me because we have a love for english and history. It was nearly 10 o'clock by the time we were all full. We took a group photo and back to the hotel we went!
(from left to right) Danielle, Ellie, Kevin, Natalie, Sue, Jun, Carla, me & Akhil

Before I did anything, I asked Carla to braid my hair so it is presentable tomorrow morning. Then I got to blogging as I am now. My experience thus far, only 2 days into our trip, has been amazing. I can't wait to be in Chicago tomorrow!

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