Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Rain Didn't Go Away

We are halfway through our first week here at Cornell's Summer College! We have also been away from home for more than a week now but we are all soldiering on. 

Today started out like normal, where the Freedom and Justice kids met up for breakfast. I got coffee again today, but for some reason no matter how much I sleep (I slept a full seven hours last night) or how much coffee I drink, I am still sleepy in the morning. 

We got to class early, as usual, and today Professor Kramnick lectured us on St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas. We differentiated the two through their perspectives on life; the former is a pessimist and the latter is an optimist. The writings of St. Augustine focus more on the sinful world we live in, whereas St. Thomas Aquinas focused on the good that this world has.

After our dismissal from the lecture, we all went to Trilllium for lunch. Today I had noodles and beef and a cookie for dessert. I realized after a while that maybe the four of us should sit with other students from our class so we won't be as isolated from everyone else, so I'll suggest to them that we should sit in a larger group with the others. We walked back to class to make it before 1:15 and suddenly, it started pouring, but we had umbrellas.

Some pretty flowers by Trillium.
During our writing workshop today after lunch, we did a few exercises to brush up on our prose and grammar. Then we were handed back the short essays we wrote a few days ago. I get really scared when it comes to receiving comments on essays but these weren't bad at all. However, that may be because I only wrote two paragraphs.

When we were all done revising our essays, the TA Vijay dismissed us. Directly after class, Sue and I went to the library to write our essays. After the library, we went to my hall and studied a bit then went off to do our own business.

One of Cornell's beautiful libraries.

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