Sunday, June 22, 2014

Last Day of "Freedom"

Sunday breakfast
Today was my first night sleeping with a roommate... I survived. I'm only kidding. It wasn't awkward like I imagined. Anyway, I woke up before my alarm at 8 o'clock and went to breakfast with Elizabeth (my roommate) and some other girls. I heard Sunday breakfasts were delicious, so I was excited. For a buffet, it was actually good. I only had a hard boiled egg, a few potatoes and a mini chocolate danish. I decided I better go back to my dorm after I ate because our scavenger hunt wasn't until 12:15 PM and I had to read (and still do). Around 12:15 my whole floor met in the 2nd floor lounge and walked together to Balch Hall. We were all anticipating partaking in some grand scavenger hunt that would help us familiarize ourselves with the campus. However, that was not the case. "Scavenger Hunt" was a misnomer because all we did was separate into groups and do "icebreakers", games intended for people to meet each other. I'm not much of a fan of these games because they are awkward and phony--to me anyway. We played one game, tentacle tag, in which we had to run back and forth without getting caught, and if you did you had to join the taggers to form a large "tentacle", and that made me really tired... There were more games that focused on the names of your peers. This all went on for a good two hours. Afterward, I went back to my dorm and successfully read a ton of my required texts.

At 5 o'clock I met with my cohort to eat dinner before the Activities Fair later on in RPCC. I filled my plate with some Asian cuisine and other foods. I discovered soft-serve ice cream earlier today, so I definitely had to try it. It was delectable. Before we left the dining hall, I refilled my water bottle and headed to the Activities Fair. There were so many interesting activities! They all looked exciting--from yearbook to yoga. Unfortunately, I know my class will be rigorous and I won't have time to make practices/meetings. However, Carla and I did sign up for Cornell's Got Talent. (Woohoo!)

My extracurricular for the summer!

At some point, I remembered I had to do my laundry so Carla, Kevin and I ventured to the basement to wash our clothes. We just did them together because it was cheaper. We also decided to be proactive while our clothes were washed . We went to jog around the campus. It was refreshing, even though it wasn't much. Once we came back to the dorms, Carla and I decided to go socialize in the lounge. Well, that didn't happen because no one was there. So we went back to Carla's room to hang out. Then we made a trip to the convenience store on campus called Bear Necessities (the Cornell mascot is a bear). We bought a cup of carrots and celery as a snack and munched on those back in her room. I had to go back to my room before check-in to put my stuff away around 10 o'clock and at 10:40 PM (on weeknights check-ins are at 11:00 PM) Elizabeth and I went to check-in. I brushed my teeth before going back to my room after that and now I am preparing to read last minutes texts for my course. 

The first day of school is tomorrow and I'm a ball of emotions--excited and nervous, mostly. Sometimes I feel very intimidated by the students here, but I know I will do my best to succeed in my class.

I apologize for the lack of pictures. I mostly stayed indoors studying or eating today. More to come tomorrow, hopefully!


  1. Hi Katelyn!

    I enjoy reading your blogs, and those of your cohort. Cornell looks like such a cool campus! Don't be nervous; simply take each day as it comes. Soak in every minute. This is such an extraordinary opportunity, and it will be over before you know it. Just work hard as you always do and you will be fine. (Dads know these things.)

    I love and miss you!

    1. Thank you, Father! I keep all your words of wisdom in mind throughout the day. As I told Mother, I won't let you all down!

      I love and miss you too!

  2. Hello Katelyn,

    I wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow on you first day of classes. From your blog (by the way I really enjoy reading them) I know you are nervous but, do your best as you have in the past such as water polo, singing in front of a lot of people and all the those hard courses you take in school. Just enjoy the journey and every day will get easier and less nervous. Katelyn, we are all proud of you.
    Love auntie,

    1. Thank you, Auntie Maria, for reading AND taking the time to respond to me. Your comments motivate me and I really appreciate them. I will try my best to relax and enjoy. Thank you again.

      Much love,