Sunday, June 29, 2014

School on a Sunday???

I tried sleeping in today again, but that didn't work out. I ended up waking up at 7:30 AM. It wasn't such a bad thing though. I immediately remembered that my white clothes were still unwashed so I rushed down to the basement to start my laundry. Then I fell back asleep. Panicking when I woke up, I raced to the basement and moved my clothes into the dryer. I wasn't late though so while my clothes dried I went breakfast. I was enjoying two hard boiled eggs by myself, when I saw Dani, my group member. She joined with me along with her friend Jared, but I had to leave to get my laundry. 

Example slide from our presentation

I returned to RPCC at 10 o'clock to meet my group. We were putting all of our slides together because we were having a "dress rehearsal" at 1:30 PM with a TA and Mark. We were feeling pretty confident so we went to lunch together, even though I wasn't really hungry. I really love my group. We get along so well and work great together. Moving on, around 11:45 AM we started off towards our class. We went to the lab and realized we need to fix quite a lot before we were ready to practice present. We barely made it and at 1:30 PM we nervously shuffled into room 391. I, personally, messed up a lot, but overall I think we did fairly well.

For the next five hours, we fixed everything. And I mean everything. We adjusted colors, size proportions, spacing, titles and completely re did some slides. At 6 o'clock we decided we better go get some food and agreed to meet back up on the second floor of Donlon at 8:00 PM. For dinner, I met up with Sue, Carla, Natalie and Kevin. I ate a delicious cookie from Cornell for the first time... I feel like 75% of my blog just describes food... Oh well.

Anyway, my group did meet at 8:00 PM and went through the entire presentation about three times. I made better notecards, so I feel a little more confident. I need my rest for the big day! Wish me luck! (Again.)


  1. Hi Katelyn,
    I'm glad you have a great team and one that seems to work well together. Good luck to you and your group. I'm sure you will all do an awesome job! This is such a great learning experience.
    Love, Mom

    1. Thank you, Mother. It didn't go as well as I hoped, but like you said, it was, and is, a great learning experience.