Sunday, June 22, 2014

Nervous for Tomorrow!

Where our Scavenger Hunt began.
My day started at 8:00 today. My alarm woke me up and I immediately went to take a shower. After showering, my roommate Grace and I went to eat breakfast at 9:00. I made my own waffle today, but the texture was a bit strange so I didn't finish it. Following breakfast, we met up with Mr. Chan-law to check-in and talk a bit about what all of us have done so far. 

After our little meeting, everybody in Summer College participated in a Scavenger Hunt. It wasn't really a scavenger hunt, though, we just walked around in groups playing games with students from other residential halls. My group consisted of some girls from my floor, other boys from Donlon, and boys and girls from North Balch. 

A few of the people in my group, along with my RCA
Our first task was to make team posters, so the Donlon girls made a poster with a big cat on it since we all had cats on our doors when we arrived. After creating our poster, we played a game where someone had to stand in the middle and say something about themselves and if anyone had the same thing, they had to run to another side of the circle and then the last person in the circle would be the middle person.

When we were done with that game, we walked all throughout campus then got in a circle and tossed a ball around that had questions on it. We all answered questions about ourselves then moved on to another game called Killer. In the game there were three four killers and four police. The killers had to kill people by winking at them and then it was the police's job to figure out who the killers were. 

Our final game was Giants, Wizards and Dwarves. It was like a full-sized rock, paper, scissors game. We split into two groups and had to decide what we wanted to be. Giants beat dwarves, wizards beat giants, and dwarves beat wizards. Our team won 5-0.
One of the chapels we saw during the hunt.

My group for the scavenger hunt.
After the game, we all went to our dorms early. I went to dinner and had chicken with pasta and broccoli, which were good, except for the chicken which was dry. When we finished our dinners, we all went to a college fair where we could sign up for clubs. I signed up for Yearbook, Summer College's Got Talent, and yoga. When that was over, Katelyn, Kevin and I went for a run. Both of them are a lot more in shape than I am so I finished early and waited for them outside, since the weather was so nice. 
The college fair.

The three of us also did our laundry today. After loading up my card with money, we all met in the basement to share two loads of laundry. It was quite an experience trying to figure out where and when to swipe our cards to pay for the machines but we eventually figured it all out and managed to wash and dry our clothes.

The laundry room, located in the basement.
Since then, Katelyn and I have been in my room preparing for our classes tomorrow. I am very nervous for my class but I know I will have an amazing time and it'll be a wonderful and gratifying experience.

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