Friday, June 27, 2014

Finally Friday

Today was a very fun-filled day for us ILCers. Although my class didn't start later, it ended much earlier than usual. Rather than leave class at 2:15, we were able to leave at noon.

During class, however, Professor Kramnick taught us about Plato's allegory of The Cave. It is too complex for me to explain, but I was actually able to understand it with the help of our TA Vijay. We had a lengthy discussion about it after lecture, along with Plato's other allegory of the Line.

Following our noon dismissal, Kevin, Sue, Natalie and I had a bit of trouble trying to figure out where we should have lunch. After about 10 minutes of debating, we decided to just eat at Trillium. Since I had heard so many good things about the salmon burgers they sell there, I decided to try one myself. I must say, it was delicious.

After lunch, Sue and I went to Target with the permission of Mr. Chan-Law. We went on the bus and bought a few things for our dorms (and ourselves). I bought a pair of pajama shorts, socks, and some granola bars to snack on. When we returned to campus, we had arrived just in time to pick out our sweatshirts, so graciously paid for by the ILC (thank you!!).

We all debated and asked the usual "Which one should I buy?", and it was a while before we all settled on a decision. I bought a black Cornell sweatshirt with red letters as you could see in the picture. I also bought some shirts for my family as souvenirs.
Our beautiful Cornell sweatshirts :)

When we were all done shopping, I went back to my room to watch Netflix for a bit. It wouldn't be too long before the 7 of us would have to meet up at the movie theater to watch Transformers 4. After a few episodes of Freaks and Geeks, I met up with the cohort to go to the movies.

To my surprise, the mall was dead on a Friday night. There were just a few people walking around, not too much activity was existent. When we were done looking around at a few of the shops, we all went in to watch the movie. I was excited to watch the new Transformers movie since I had been a fan of the first three, but I was greatly disappointed with this one. After a grueling three hours, the movie had finally finished and it was time to go back to Cornell. I had high hopes for the movie but was not satisfied with its overdone action scenes and lack of Shia LaBeouf.
A bit of the merchandise offered at the Cornell Store.

I am now in my dorm, watching more Netflix before I finally go to sleep. Today was a great Friday and I am hoping to enjoy my weekend, even though I do have a rough draft due on Monday.

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