Saturday, June 28, 2014

Half A Weekend...Already?

Saturday is the day to sleep in late if you choose to. I was up by eight-thirty to do my laundry while everyone else on my floor were still in deep sleep. Natalie and I met in the laundry room at 8:45AM to convene our dirty clothes into the washers. After placing our weekly laundry into the washer, we walked to RPCC to get some breakfast. I'm guessing because everyone was taking full advantage of sleeping in late,  so that probably explained why there were only two tables occupied. Starting a Saturday morning with scrambled eggs and waffles can only be described by using one word: splendid. After finishing my breakfast in a relaxed manner, we headed back to the laundry room to carry out the second half of the laundering process. 

Our group met at 12:30PM in the RPCC computer lab to work on our upcoming presentation. We've arranged to work for six hours to get our PowerPoint nailed down. At 3:30PM, all of us agreed that the resulting product was impressive. Our mutual agreements on desgins led us to efficiently finishing our PPT in three hours instead of six. Although I recommended staying an extra hour just to make sure we got everything covered, both of my team members wanted to play intramural frisbee that starts at 4PM, so 2-1, just like the recent Portugal vs.Ghana match. I just hope our presentation will be ranked satisfactory by Mark's scale. While my team members went off to play frisbee, I went to the RPCC lobby to check if I had mail. Turns out that North Balch Hall's mailboxes are located inside Appel Commons. Furthermore, nobody explained (even the RCA's) that our mailboxes were labeled based on our room numbers, so I was at the wrong location stuffing my key inside every possible mailbox. 

I was unexpectedly hungry today, so I managed to eat two times more than usual. I was bewildered myself by the amount of food I consumed, but the fiery sun drained my energy, so it's only natural. What I'm most worried about though, is my practice presentation tomorrow in front of our professors, and not the food.

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