Monday, June 30, 2014

Time is of the Essence

Bright skies. A beaming sun. Glistening Waters. Today was definitely that ideal summer day that I expected. Though the morning was a bit on the cloudy side, as the day progressed, the skies cleared up and offered plenty of sunshine. 

Italian for today! 
As per my today's class, it was the usual Monday routine. A lecture followed by a discussion, and eventually this led to a writing workshop. Today's topic concerned John Locke and his ideas over certain inalienable rights including life, property, liberty, and health. I found this topic quite intriguing as this was the one I was able to relate most with. The philosophers that we've studied in the past -- St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Plato -- had a view that was centered mainly around the society they grew up in. These views were either largely focused on Judeo-Christian values or Greco-Roman traditions. But being the most modern of all, Locke's ideas just clicked and was much easier to follow as our standard American lifestyle is in a way based off of Locke's ideas. Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence "borrowed" such ideas concerning natural law and inalienable rights from Locke and now, these ideas are a part of the body that we call American government.

Once class and discussion session was over, I headed back to my room stressing about the mid-term that was fast approaching. Tomorrow is the last day to study. Oh no... Perhaps, it would be nice to stop time for a bit so that I'd be able to get more done in a day's time. Unfortunately, I'll just have to work with the time that I have in my hands. This brings me to something that my dad has repeatedly advised, "Once time is gone, it will never come again. Learn to use it wisely." If I were at home, I would take this advise easily and move on. But now, I truly realize that time is of the essence. And this need not apply just to studying, but to life in general. Don't wait until tomorrow. Seize the moment and get things done now, not tomorrow. Perhaps, this will instigate a crusade to help stop procrastination: the deadliest killer of all. Until then, back to studying.

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