Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Down in the Dumps

While ending last night's blog with excitement over today's hotel brands quiz, I realize as I was taking the test, how much I really needed my own notes to study. I'm down in dumps as to the series of events happening after my horrible quiz today.
What my face has expressed as of 9:01:42PM DST on July 1st, 2014.

Yesterday night consisted of me reading and studying on the notes my team member gave me. I was very appreciative that she had taken her time to take pictures of her own notes to send it to me, but I couldn't read 75% of the pictures. Part of the reason was that her writing was super tiny, and the other was her low resolution pictures. But, who is to blame? Myself. Now, the first lesson I learned today is, "Never leave your notebook unattended; especially if you have a quiz the next day!"

If I concluded the second paragraph with "the first lesson", then there must be more stuff I screwed up on today. Well, I mentioned that we all had a presentation on Monday. Today, the scores were passed back to us and the range of scores were from 83-93. Our group received a score of 88. It's not bad, so please don't take it like I'm depressed about my score; But I definitely think we could have done better. One of our team members had prior experience and knowledge into managing hotels and restaurants, but he simply didn't want to share it. When our team stays just an extra minute in lab, his unhappiness spreads onto his face like spreading nutella on a piece of bread. The time we spent working on enhancing our presentation skills and the PowerPoint was equal to another team's time spent on only the PowerPoint. So, the second lesson I've learned is, "Have effective ways into dealing with smart, yet lazy and uncooperative team members."

Sadly, my rant will continue for one more paragraph. This post will be my mini-version of  "Series of the Unfortunates". Please bear with me.

Carrying a depressed mood to eat dinner, I found spaghetti; my favorite type of noodle. Just eating spaghetti will lighten up my day. I've tried and it did, so I was frantically putting some spaghetti onto my plate so I can remedy my depression. Just as I was about to put the third meatball inside my mouth, I found a dead bug stuck in between the meat. EWWWWWWW. I immediately drank the remains of my pomegrante juice to try and "flush it out". "Always check the food you're putting into your mouth before consuming" is the third lesson I've learned today.

As literal as the title, I am down in the dumps today. Really. I hope my Friday post will be more amusing and fun to read. Note that I skipped Wednesday and Thursday; I have a reason for that. Stay tuned for more stories from the rigorously challenged me.


  1. Things will get better! Stay strong, Jun.

    1. Thank you, I think things will get better after turning in the individual CHESS report. I've read some of your blogs and the museum pics are just so gorgeous!