Sunday, July 13, 2014

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Goodbye, Room 4244.
Today I was first awakened by voices at five, which I took to be my roommate checking out. However, I went back to sleep without even opening my eyes, so we'll never know for sure. I got up for real at eight to do last-day chores like taking the garbage and recycling out, vacuuming, stripping the bed, etc., and had time for a quick final breakfast in RPCC before I went down to be officially checked out. One of the North Balch RCAs came to my room, looked for new damage, ensured that my keys were in the appropriate envelope to be handed in, and escorted me to the elevator with my luggage. 

Soon Mr. Chan-Law picked me up, and once all of the Freedom and Justice cohort had been collected we went to the airport to check our suitcases. I'd added my textbooks into my suitcase as well as the four mugs I bought, so it was a relief to see that the weight was fifty pounds exactly. 
With our suitcases taken care of, we went back to campus to pick up Katelyn and Jun from their graduation ceremony, and then went to eat lunch at the Statler. I had lentil soup, which was delicious, followed by a mixed green salad, which was equally so. We decided against dessert at the hotel, and instead walked to the Dairy Bar for our last Cornell ice cream. My vanilla with large chocolate and cherry bits was fantastic. 

After the Dairy Bar, we went to the airport, checked Katelyn and Jun's luggage, passed through security, and eventually boarded our tiny plane. For the duration of the hour-long flight to Philadelphia, I used my jacket to tie my head against the back of the seat. My cohort was amused, but I slept without getting a crick in my neck. 
Goodbye, Ithaca.
In Philadelphia we had an hour and a half before our flight to SFO, so we went and stood in long lines at the food court for an early dinner. I had a six-inch flatbread Subway sandwich with a cheese omelette inside, which was on the salty side but otherwise not bad. 

photo cred: Katelyn
Our flight started boarding rather later than was expected, but eventually we were seated and ready to go. I had an aisle seat on the left side of the plane, with Sue on my left and Katelyn with the window seat. For the first piece of the flight, we three worked industriously on the post mortem evaluation of Don's. Eventually my laptop died, and I turned to reading for a while, then games on my itouch, then listening to music, then attempted sleep. It was a boring six hours, to say the least. 

Once we finally arrived, we met our families in the baggage claim. My mom, dad, and one of my sisters came for me (my brother had an injury and my other sister was making us a cake). It was lovely to see them, although by then all I could think about was getting home, blogging, and sleeping. The drive home was long, but it was fun to get there and pull out the souvenirs I'd bought them. I regained some energy, but by the time we'd finished eating cake, it was almost three in the morning in Cornell time, and I was quite ready to bang out a blog and then hit the hay. 

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