Tuesday, July 8, 2014

About 4 More Days

View from my favorite seat in class
I called for early check-in yesterday around 9:30 PM and was sound asleep within an hour. Around 11:30 PM, however, I was rudely awaken by obnoxious girls down the hall. I managed to fall back asleep and woke up as usual at 6:30 AM. Today I had a quiz on room contribution statements, so I got ready fast and studied while I ate breakfast. When I got to class early, I looked over my worksheet one more time. Then it was time for the quiz. It wasn't hard. I should have received a perfect score, but I made a stupid mistake so I missed one question. At least it was an A.

After the quiz we had a lecture by Reneta. I had hoped my extra sleep would have kept me alert and lively, but I had trouble staying focused. I knew this was a problem and I made sure I was wide awake for the second half of the lecture, which was on the cost of walking guests. Walking guests means you oversold your hotel and have to pay for the rooms of the guests you displaced elsewhere. We learned about creating a matrix to analyze this data using Excel. Before I knew it, it was time for lunch. I ordered a pre-packaged sandwich as I normally do and ate with Katie and Alli. I'm really going to miss them when I go home. 
Tastes better than it looks
Anyway, back in class, group B was sent to the lab where we had a very confusing lesson about creating the matrixes I mentioned. Mark is a very knowledgeable guy. It was hard to keep up sometimes. But I managed to follow along. After an hour or so, the whole class met back up in room 396, where we had a very interesting lecture on housekeeping. I learned it's the hardest job in a hotel. I wouldn't mind shadowing a housekeeper or getting a job as one. It'd be a way to gain experience in the industry.

Office hours began at the usual time and my group and I went to work discussing our CHESS hotel simulation. We have our final assignment, our final group assignment, due on Thursday. I'm nervous about it because my group and I haven't started. Well, there's really no way to start... 

Anyway, I walked back from class with Alli, but I met up with my cohort for dinner. I ate some delicious vegetable since I bought a Starbucks bottled coffee, which was ridiculously unhealthy. I was in the mood for something sweet unfortunately, so I got some Cornell chocolate pudding. 

I went back to my dorm after that and I started packing a few things. I want to enjoy my last days here at Cornell. This experience has had a lot of ups and downs, but I know when I'm home, in about four more days, I will miss everything here. 
Ok, so maybe I won't miss the weather...

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