Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Consumed By Essay

This morning I awoke and got ready as usual, and ate breakfast with Carla and Ekin, our classmate from Turkey. In lecture, we learned about Marx's theories of class struggle and revolution. Professor Kramnick made it very clear that despite a common misconception, Marx was not opposed to industrialization and progress. Rather, he was opposed to the system of ownership and exploitation. In section, Vijay helped us to understand the complexities of the writings.

I forgot to mention that yesterday in section, Vijay was talking about the exploitation of workers and asked if anyone had read Cheaper by the Dozen. I was the only one who had, and got to talk about efficiency engineering - proof that you should always read the book rather than just watching the movie.

At lunch, I ate another mini cheese pizza, yogurt, and tea. I learned all about Public Forum debate in New York from our classmate Jason. After lunch, in writing workshop, we had a handout about grammar errors and then took an hour to work on our final essays, which are due tomorrow. Most of the group stayed in the classroom to continue working after we were dismissed. I stayed about forty-five minutes to color-code and reorganize my essay so that it would flow more logically, and then went to office hours to ask Vijay about my thesis. It began to rain as I walked over. Before I returned to North Balch I went through the bookstore for little souvenirs for my family and friends. When I left, it was sunny again.

I left North Balch for an early dinner, and ate some pasta by myself as I read an Agatha Christie short story. At six-twenty, I got an ice cream cone and headed downstairs to meet Mr. Chan Law. The lobby of RPCC was very crowded with students watching the soccer game on multiple TV screens, and periodically they would all start screaming. Still, Mr. Chan-Law managed to give us our instructions for dinner on Friday and check-out on Saturday.

At seven I had a floor meeting in a lounge, where we were told not to break any rules just because it's the last week of Summer College, and made appointments for room inspections. The meeting was of dubious success, because many people didn't show up.

For the rest of the evening I blogged and mostly worked on tidying up my essay. In its final form it's acceptable, if not great. I hope Vijay will appreciate the improvement from the last draft.

Tomorrow I cram for the final.

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