Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mid-Term Day

Today I woke up feeling extremely nervous for the Prelim today. It didn't help that while I was getting ready, my contact ripped in half (I brought an extra pair, so no worries) and all my clothing seemed to be dirty, putting me a bit behind in my process of getting ready and did not allow me to get breakfast. However, I managed to get a coffee in our building.

The Prelim wasn't as bad as I thought it I was going to be bad but I am still not very confident in my essay portion. I really felt like I understood what I was taught but when I did my test I could not put in words what my thoughts were telling me to write. I think I did very good on the second half though, which just involved identifying quotes and concepts from the thinkers we learned about.

After the Prelim, we still had a lecture which was about feminism (one of my favorite topics), then we went to lunch and came back for writing workshop. Vijay handed us our essays and I was not at all impressed with the notes I received on my essay, which means I will spend a lot of time tweaking it. I'm hoping I can do this during our drive to Niagara Falls on Friday, because I will not be able to sleep in the three and a half hours it takes to get there.

Just a picture of some perfect soft serve from
earlier today
When class was officially over, I went back to my dorm and hung out a bit but then went back to the other side of campus to meet with Janna, the Associate Director of Summer College. She talked to me, Kevin, Sue and Natalie for about an hour and we discussed our time here at Cornell. We had mostly good feedback, which was expected since Cornell had really provided us with a great experience.

Following the meeting with Janna, I hung out in my dorm then went to dinner. After dinner, I read some of the works and then I heard that there was karaoke downstairs and I can never miss out on karaoke so I went to check it out, but it was over by the time I got there. However, a few girls from my classes were still hanging out so I sat with them and a few other people from my hall for about an hour. I am now in my room dying of the heat and sweat but I will bear it and make use of both the fan given to us and my tiny USB fan (thanks Don!). I am especially looking forward to tomorrow since it is technically our Friday! No school on July 4, which is when we are going to Niagara Falls. So much excitement :)

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