Thursday, July 10, 2014

The All-Consuming Final Exam

Today I awoke and prepared with a closer eye on the clock than usual, since I was due to leave at 7:45 in order to meet a classmate and print our final papers. I was there in time and printed my essay without difficulty, but she didn't show up, so after waiting a bit I went and ate breakfast. Later, I found that she'd printed with Sue and Carla instead. 

Today, Professor Kramnick's lecture was about racism in the Western tradition, with emphasis on America, and on the lives and works of Martin Luther King Junior and Malcolm X. The entire hour and a half was rushed, and I was sorry we couldn't have spent another day on this topic. Section was similarly hurried, partly because of the large amount of material left to cover and partly because the lecture had run overtime. 

At lunch, I ate pizza, tea, and chips, and felt gross as a result. While we were eating, Mr. Chan-Law and Janna, the Associate Director of Summer College, stopped by unexpectedly and talked with us for a bit. At one, we walked back to the lecture hall for an optional review session with Professor Kramnick. The ground rules: ask anything and leave when you want. The session was helpful, but I've still got a lot to study tonight. 

The RPCC likes to display foods for a healthy diet without
actually serving them. For example, sweet potatoes. 
After the review session was done about two, I headed back to North Balch. There I rested for a bit and then started studying until dinner. I ate by myself at six-thirty, then came back, showered, and kept studying. I hope to be in bed by eleven-thirty, but that's wishful thinking. Still, if I go to sleep later it won't be the end of the world, because the exam doesn't start until ten. If I wanted to, I could wake up as late as nine in the morning. 

Although I'm studying all night, there is a suspicious feeling of confidence in my mind about this exam. Despite the fact that it will cover twice as much material as the prelim did and be twice as long, I almost feel as if I could do well. I guess I'll know soon enough. 


  1. You go girl! You can catch up on sleep starting Sunday. I am thinking good thoughts and I hope they flow through the blog. Love, Mom

  2. Have a safe trip home. Can't wait to hear your stories. Valerie