Monday, July 7, 2014

A Normal Day, A Boring Post

Apparently there was a fire alarm this morning. My roommate and I had no clue. I actually found out on Facebook. So either we are very deep sleepers or Cornell needs to fix their alarms. 

I ate breakfast with Jun and we ended up being the first ones in class. To start off the day, Mark debriefed us on our service assignment from the weekend. We talked about what we felt after providing someone with a service. Then we watched a clip about the Waldorf Astoria in New York from the inside. It was interesting how everything was chaotic behind the scenes, but beyond the hotel's service and the hotel itself was immaculate. 

After the clip, we had a guest speaker, the Director of Food and Beverage at the Statler Hotel on campus. He is an alum from the Hotel School. One thing I learned from his presentation was how much effort it takes to run a hotel as if I didn't know that. I learned that beneath a general manager, there are managers who manage managers. I kind of hope to be a manager one day. It seems like a role I'd enjoy, considering I'm bossy. I kid, I kid. 

Even though the speaker was great, I definitely was looking to lunch. I really dislike food from Trillium, so lunch was disappointing. I was feeling so tired by then. 

When we returned we discussed room contribution statements, which just so happens to be what our quiz tomorrow is on. During our break I got called in to see my professor. I'll write about that another day. 

We got out of class early for some reason--though I'm not complaining. So I went to eat dinner with Katie. I left my wallet in RPCC when we were done, but luckily my cohort met up a little while later  there and I found it! 

Anyway, after working out and showering (and a little more Netflix), I called for early check-in, which means I'm technically supposed to be sleeping. Don't worry I'm going to bed right now. I have to wake up early and study for two quizzes (I think)... Until tomorrow! 

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