Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Finally Fit

Today I woke up bright and early at 7:30 AM. I got ready then walked to class. I skipped breakfast, but bought Starbucks at the Zeus Temple. Professor Kramnick lectured us on Marxism today which is a topic I am slightly familiar with, but needed clarification on. Vijay then discussed some of the aspects of Marxism during section, and after lunch we had a very interesting guest speaker.

A view from inside the White Library.
His name was Lester Roth and he worked on a very important case regarding the homicide of the Harris family. A man murdered the 4 members of the family and his mother was accused of being an accessory to the crime, but in reality she was framed by the prosecutor, David Harding. The mother was then taken out of jail and David Harding was sentenced to 6 years of prison for fabricating evidence in various cases.

Following class, a few of us went to the White Library to get some studying done. I've already been in there once, but that library is amazing. It very closely resembles Hogwarts and just has a magical feeling to it. We all stayed there for about an hour because then we had to pick up our essay draft from Vijay during his office hours. I have a lot of improvements to make but luckily I was able to map out some issues that I could fix and will have it ready tomorrow.

After office hours, I found out that Brazil lost 7-1 which is completely devastating. However I carried on with my work. I studied and read until dinner and a huge storm broke out, due to the hurricane nearby. It was a very beautiful storm and luckily I wasn't outside while it was going on.

When I finished dinner, I headed back to my room and have been preparing for my final exam and essay ever since (except for the 30 minutes that I used to run for a bit). Until tomorrow!

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